California Surrogacy Process Improves for those Becoming a Surrogate & Parents

California surrogacy process is getting even better with Assembly Bill 2349 being moved to Governor Brown. The bill provides further protection to those becoming a surrogate and intended parents. For information on surrogacy or to begin the process with a reputable agency, go to

The California surrogacy process is about to become even better for those interested in becoming a surrogate, as well as for intended parents. Although the state is known for having incredibly surrogacy-friendly laws, changes coming through with the approval of Assembly Bill 2349 will further establish rights.

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The bill protects the rights of intended parents, including same-sex couples, and clarifies that donors of eggs and sperm will not need to be listed in surrogacy contracts. The biggest shift, however, is that it protects intended parents from issues that may arise in other states, as the bill specifically spells out that California Superior Courts have jurisdiction in cases that involve the state in virtually any way.

“Including if the child is born in this state, or one or more of the parties to the assisted reproduction agreement for gestational carriers resides in this state or resided in this state at the time the assisted reproduction agreement for gestational carriers was executed,” 2349 reads.

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Assembly member David Chiu has been fighting for the bill to be passed, in an effort to ensure every member of the surrogacy team is protected, but he also notes that the bill is of special importance to same-sex couples as well. “As LGBT civil rights are threatened in other states at an alarming rate, California must continue to lead the nation in protecting all families, including same-sex couples forming their families through assisted reproduction,” the assembly member declares on his website. “We are helping to ensure that the progressive protections offered in California regarding parentage rights are respected and enforced across state lines.”

This is of special importance, as many issues have arisen outside of California where intended parents have had to fight for the rights to their own children, battling in courts that do not honor surrogacy arrangements. This can have devastating results for everyone involved. However, with the assembly passing of AB 2349 recently, those who choose surrogacy in California, regardless of where the parties may travel to, will be protected by the California court system. Governor Brown still needs to sign off on the new legislation before it can take effect, which he has until September 30 to do.

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