California Plastic Bag Ban Proponents Up in Arms over Deceptive Ads

Proponents of Proposition 67 want consumers to know that, unless they know the facts, they could inadvertently vote for the wrong bill.

The race is heating up in California as the competing plastic bag propositions on the ballet are in sharp contrast with each other. In fact, many people, including the California Grocers Association are speaking out against plastic bag manufacturers because they say that they’re trying to confuse voters on the issue.

And the issue is important because Californians use approximately 400 plastic bags a year per person, which means a family of four throws away 1,600 disposable bags a year. And according to officials, all those bags cost local California residents $400 million a year in cleanup costs. That works out to about $10 per resident a year.

The fight began in 2014 when Governor Jerry Brown signed a law that banned plastic bags across the state. But the manufacturers that produce the bags began collecting signatures to put the ban on hold, and they succeeded. Now there are two plastic bag propositions, Proposition 67 and 65.

And here’s where it gets interesting. Plastic bag manufacturers, the people who are pushing Proposition 65, collect about $1 million a month from California residents who use disposable bags instead of reusable shopping bags. Those manufacturers obviously don’t want to lose that money, and seem to have come up with an ingenious way to accomplish it.

Proposition 65, which is supported by the plastic bag manufacturers, takes the .10 cent fee given to grocers to help them recoup their costs for paper bags when customers request them, and gives it to a Wildlife fund. The result would likely mean that there would be no decrease in the amount of plastic bag waste in California local areas.

“It’s would be a shame,” says a spokesman from MJH Innovations, a company that sells environmentally conscience products such as reusable shopping bags, “If the plastic bag manufacturers confused the issue so that consumers who believe they’re doing something good for environment end up voting for a proposition that would actually harm it.”

Plastic bag proponents want consumes to know that it’s Proposition 67 that will reduce the amount of plastic bags in the environment. Proposition 65 would not.

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