California New York Express Offers Guarantees to Their Cross Country Movers

The moving company California New York Express, operating in the cross country moving field, presented their guarantees. They offer a secure and certain moving outcome with their delivery guarantee and an exact price with the guaranteed price quote.

California New York Express, a cross country moving company, announced that they have begun offering guarantees to their movers, both to the new ones and those loyal for years. Since the company’s team has successfully completed numerous moves between the states California and New York, they want to continually improve and enrich their services. That’s why they added these guarantees in the pricing and delivery field to make the moving result even more secure and efficient.

Their customers greeted the news with delight. Mary, one of their most loyal clients says this about her experience with them, “I received all items intact and on time. The team was highly professional in delivering everything they promised. Will definitely work with them again.”

In times when most moving companies provide exact moving prices on their websites, California New York Express goes for the safest and the most accurate option. They present their price only after the volume, weight and quantity of items that are being moved is determined. Then they add their additional fees for packing services and materials before telling their customers how much the actual guaranteed price quote is.

Moreover, they guarantee the delivery time frame, as well. As their driving routes are pretty short because they do cross country moving NY, SF and LA, they have the opportunity to guarantee the dates of the moving. To back this up, the company offers a return of $100 for every day they would eventually be late. This compliments their goal to attract more new customers and keep the existing ones with the certain and secure outcome of the move.

To spread the news and inform more clients of these guarantees the company implemented the following techniques:

Onsite Estimate – Aside from answering the questions of the customers, telling them about the guarantees, and providing help with their move, the company gives an onsite estimate for everyone moving large quantities of items. They do it as a part of their pricing guarantee so that the clients get a correct list of items.Website – They offer a lot of options connected to the guarantees on their website. For one, they put a delivery time frame calculator for all the customers to use.

About California New York Express: California New York Express Moving Services is a moving company specializing in the field of cross country moving. They’re based in California with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. Their successful story as a privately-owned middle-sized company began in 1995 and is still being written.

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