California HR Cloud-Based Psychometric Employment Online Testing Solution Launch

Assessment Systems Corporation, a specialist provider of online testing and psychometric assessments, has announced its selection as a vendor to the California Department of Human Resources.

The Stillwater, Minnesota-based company will now provide its cloud-based platform for the project, which requires the management of large data banks and alignment with modern psychometric principles such as item response theory and computerized adaptive testing.

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With the recent selection of, CalHR will have access to modules such as item authoring, item review, automated item generation, test publishing, online delivery, and automated psychometric reporting. The platform will assist the department in its delivery of hundreds of thousands of tests per year.

Psychometric testing is a relatively broad field, and encompasses all assessments designed to evaluate knowledge, abilities, personality, and/or potential. The applications for such tests are equally diverse, ranging from employment aptitude to academic screening.

Unsurprisingly, developments in psychometric testing have closely mirrored advances in technology. Assessment Systems now incorporates artificial intelligence in its cloud-based solution. The latter was an express requirement of CalHR, and a key factor in its recent selection of

The system uses advanced algorithms, allowing the calibration of exams with item response theory. The Department will also be able to perform simulation studies, as well as creating adaptive and/or multi-stage tests.

Given the large volume of tests conducted by CalHR each year, it is expected that several other features of will be particularly useful. Modern tools, such as automated item generation, will now allow the creation of multiple question permutations, while a customizable item review workflow will help to ensure quality.

About Assessment Systems Corporation

Also known as ASC, Assessment Systems Corporation was involved in some of the earliest research in computerized assessments in the 1960s and 1970s, and released the first publicly available system in the early 1980s. The recent selection by the California Department of Human Resources is testament to the company’s continued developments in the field.

Solutions now offered include educational assessment, HR and pre-employment testing, and certification exams. A company representative stated: “We help organizations all over the world to apply modern psychometrics to their assessment processes. We frequently present at industry conferences, and often travel to teach workshops on modern psychometrics, from Botswana to Kazakhstan to Singapore.”

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