California Housing trends lead to Moving & Storage Innovations

Buying and selling property in the Bay Area has always been a rollercoaster - Luigys moving company make it easy and safe.

Buying property in the Bay Area has always been a rollercoaster.

The average time to sell a home in California is around 70 days. However, the average buyer spends around 3 months looking for a place. And the overlap between leaving one place and moving into a new one isn’t always smooth.

This led Luigys Movers, an established licensed and bonded moving company in the Bay Area to offer a combined service of not only moving and packing but also storage for their customers.

Luigys prides itself on going the extra mile for their customers, and with the erratic housing market, a customer’s needs will vary as widely as their belongings do.

One happy customer, Sue, who sold her home in 6 weeks, took 5 months to find her new home. In that time she stored her belongings with Luigys, who helped her with all the transitions.

Keeping her belongings in a storage facility run by the movers adds a sense of trust and accountability that things will be looked after well.

Gerson Almedo from Luigys says: One of the biggest mistakes you can make when moving is not to pick a licensed moving company. We are licensed and have expert packers as well as providing storage space to make the whole process smooth and stress-free.

Luigys also offers a very generous referral fee. If you join their Facebook group 5% Commission For Luigys Friends ( and refer a customer to them, they will pay you 5% of the whole moving price.

Beloved in the Marin County, California, Luigys is a trusted go-to for packing, moving and storage needs, and will move customers anywhere Nationwide.

Summer is their busiest time, where they see students moving, families moving during the summer and so they do encourage early booking to avoid disappointment.

Due to Covid, they will provide convenient estimates via video.

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