California Emotional Sensitivity Company Dr Tracy Inc – Makes Major Enhancements

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Sonoma Country, California Emotional Scientist Dr. Tracy Thomas - founder of Dr. Tracy Inc. - upgrades her emotional sensitivity transformative coaching programs for people of influence who want to live their most elevated lives.

Dr. Tracy Thomas, Ph.D., a multi-awarded psychologist and worlds first Emotional Scientist, upgrades her flagship life transformation programs for emotionally sensitive people. Available through her leading emotional strength coaching company Dr. Tracy. Inc., private personalized coaching programs help clients use their emotional sensitivity to improve their psychological and physical health and turn their sensitivity into a super power.

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The recently upgraded programs are designed for people of influence, driven professionals, and CEO’s who desire to remove barriers in their lives and begin living a more fulfilling, financially free, and elevated life. These premium, customized coaching programs aim to transform clients lives so they can be the natural leaders they were born to be.

According to Dr. Tracy, or Dr. T as she is more commonly known, many high performing individuals struggle with being their most ideal self because of destructive emotional patterns. Only when people can overcome these life affecting hurdles can they begin living the most elevated life they envision.

Dr. Tracy developed her successful flagship Emotional Sensitivity programs that uses her groundbreaking methodology “The Method” to improve productivity and strengthen mindset to address this growing public concern of disconnect and emotional sensitivity. She upgraded her programs to include improved techniques with self-empowered training and personalized coaching.

Unlike other private life transformation programs, Dr. Tracy Inc. offers the only Emotional Strength training program that guides clients to become their own therapeutic support and accountability coach. Dr. T’s intention is that all her graduates have self-sustaining life-lasting emotional wellness.

Dr. Tracy has stated that Emotional Sensitivity is not a weakness, but rather a gift that can be harnessed to overcome challenges and become influential leaders in whatever field her clients desire. To do this, she guides clients to rethink their perceptions and learn how to intentionally express emotions to break the cycle of trauma.

As part of the services available through her unique transformation company Dr. Tracy Inc., Dr. T offers a wide range of services. Some of these services include: private coaching with Dr. Tracy herself, private Marriage Transformation with Master Coaches Christina and Denise, private Family Transformation Coaching with a master coach and support coaches, as well as their new Northern California retreat center. The Elevated Estate Retreat Center is where individual clients and family’s can receive custom one-on-one comprehensive transformation and recovery coaching that have been designed using “The Method.”

Clients are trained to overcome their emotional barriers that lead to addictions, mental and physical health concerns, weight issues, and others. Her patented Emotional Sensitivity Coaching method can remove blockages in as little as a few months.

Dr. Tracy and “The Method” has been featured in hundreds of media platforms including SHAPE, SELF, and Redbook. She has been a featured TEDx Talk speaker and has appeared on CBS, MindBodyGreen, and Livestrong, among others.

Dr. Tracy Inc.’s “The Method” is changing the mental health paradigm.

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