California Drought: Is Forcing Farmers to Seek Land in Oregon

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Portland Oregon, United States – September 19th, 2014 /PressCable/

Oregon real estate agent notes increasing number of farmers moving from drought-stricken California to Oregon for more water resources.

Portland, Ore. August, 16, 2014 – While California is facing one of the most severe droughts on record, forcing Governor Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency, farmers are starting to seek fruitful land elsewhere, most notably Oregon.

“There's been a sharp increase in farmers looking to relocate to Oregon for its water resources, particularly in the Willamette Valley,” said local real estate agent and farm expert, Rich Jones. “These farmers are coming from California, which is experiencing a statewide drought.”

He notes that 2013 was the driest year in California in 119 years, which inevitably causes major issues for farmers who need significant amounts of water for their crops and operations. According to a Bloomberg article published in July, “Farmers in California's Central Valley, the world's most productive agricultural region, are paying as much as 10 times more for water than they did before the state's record drought cut supply.”

The Bloomberg article reports that costs have increased in just one year to $1,100 per acre-foot from approximately $140 in Westlands Water District, based in Fresno, which represents 700 farms. California farms, as a whole, supply half the fruits, vegetables and nuts consumed in the U.S.

“Residents from California that do any kind of farming are looking for places that aren't as restricted for water usage,” He said. “The chances these days of a farmer from California calling a real estate agent if he has a farm listed in Oregon, where the water resources are more plentiful, are pretty grand.”

Jones doesn't foresee the situation changing anytime in the near future. “California's farmers are scrambling for ways to save their crops in unprecedented drought conditions,” he said. “ Unless things change soon, there will be more farmers looking for a place where they can raise their crops without the risk of losing it, places like Oregon.”

According to the Agri-Business Council of Oregon's website,, agriculture is a primary contributor to Oregon's economy and “a way of life for many of the state's residents.” The site states that although some commodities have seen a decrease in value, most have remained strong, resulting in a “slow but steady growth for Oregon agriculture.” Certainly these are welcoming statistics for drought-stricken California farmers looking to take their business elsewhere.

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