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World class, multi-award-winning hotel marketing and communications company Bono Hotel Management, headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, is updating services to provide international and independent hotels with the latest in e-commerce technologies and strategic repositioning solutions to maximize occupancy for sustainable profit.

The recent update will help hoteliers struggling with today’s complex and unpredictable economic climate strengthen their position in their tier and the overall market to capture market share and improve revenues.

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One of the most demanding and competitive industries in today’s markets is the hospitality industry. A recent update in business and e-commerce solutions provided by Bono Hotel Management gives hotel owners and general managers access to superior management and execution strategies that help reshape branding, optimize internal productivity, and streamline business approaches to maximize occupancy, average daily rates (ADR), and revenue per available room (RevPAR.)

With over 62 years’ combined experience, Bono Hotel Management are experts in strategy and repositioning for superior branding. Their passions lie in revenue management, marketing strategy, and standard operating procedures (SOPs), for optimal ROI.

Led by CEO Claudio Bono and company President Raul Suarez, the team not only delivers the marketing, strategic positioning, pricing, and internal management procedures hotel properties need to streamline success, but with Suarez’s hotel renovation experience, they can also ensure superior construction, redevelopment and renovation processes and outcomes.

The company reshapes the way hotels work to maximize revenues by assessing needs, customizing methods, and ensuring client services are impeccable. They offer side-by-side training that includes GDS relationship evaluations, OTA assessments, and wholesaler partnerships to uncover underperforming procedures for improvements in overall operations.

With a focus on inter-departmental SOPs, the best in customer service guidance, and communications strategies rooted in comp set analyses, sales forecasting, and budget trends, Bono Hotel Management boosts overall performances for increases in market share.

Bono says, “Our team has been recognized with achievement awards issued by the United States Congress, the California legislature, Cupertino’s mayor’s office, vendors such as Google for Best Hotel partner & more. Our goal is to maximize your property’s profitability so you can bring your hotel to a higher level of success. Your growth is our reward.”

With a recent update in revenue-generating solutions that include e-commerce technologies and best-in-class marketing and communications strategies, Bono Hotel Management is helping clients (Branded and Independent Hotels) to build on their strengths to create a standout presence and superior profit potential.

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