California Aquatic Weed Removal Amphibious Excavator For Lakes And Ponds Launch

A professional aquatic weed removal service has been launched by Californian company DK Environmental. This service uses amphibious excavators and harvesters to remove a wide range of waterweeds from ponds, lakes and lagoons.

An Aquatic Weed Removal Service has been launched by DK Environmental, who are based in Lafayette, located in the San Francisco Bay area of California. This service eliminates common emergent aquatic weeds, such as water iris, bulrush, tule, cattail, and water-borne algae.

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DK Environmental assist with the harvest or excavation removal of problematic weeds from ponds and lakes right across the State of California, and also can provide services such as sediment removal, dredging and wetland construction. Some common weeds found in ponds and lakes include: milfoil, duckweed, pondweed, hydrilla, water hyacinth and ludwigia.

With the launch of this Aquatic Weed Removal Service land owners in California can enjoy the benefits which include: control of West Nile and Zika viruses carried by mosquitoes, flood control with unclogged channels, and more enjoyable recreational use of water with lakes and ponds that are free of choking weeds.

Dave McNabb from DK Environmental, renowned for being the aquatic vegetation removal specialists, points out that aquatic vegetation is usually advantageous in waterways because it provides a supply of food, shelter and oxygen to the water wildlife. Unfortunately, most aquatic plants can propagate quickly and constrain activities in water bodies such as fish ponds or lagoons, and this is when they become ‘weeds’.

The launch of this service means that when weeds start to obstruct the value and enjoyment of an aquatic area, Californians can contact DK Environmental who have over 35 years of experience enhancing aquatic environments. They use specialized machinery, such as amphibious weed excavators and harvesters, providing a complete professional service with regard to waterweed problems.

Small ponds can quickly become overrun with weeds and/or shallow due to sediment build-up. DK Environmental also have small amphibious aquatic maintenance equipment, suitable for cleaning up small ponds or farm dams.

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