Calgary Sports Medicine Doctor Explains Need Of PCS Psychological Brain Training

Extraordinary Sports Medicine maintains that physical and cognitive intervention is not enough to help people suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS). Comprehensive psychological brain training aims at dispelling chronic negative mindset and emotional state in sufferers.

Extraordinary Sports Medicine announced a new pilot research project called “What Is The Effect Of Brain Training On Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS)(Phase I)” this past week. A greater understanding is dawning on researchers that complete total physical and cognitive rest may actually be detrimental. What little research on treatment for Post Concussion Syndrome there is, focuses on the physical symptoms of concussion, such as neck strength, eye movement and even physical exercise. There is some research being done with Cognitive Behavioural Testing, however it’s important to understand what drives behaviour in the first place. In the case of PCS, chronic mindset and emotional state that leads to low self confidence and doubt must be dealt with immediately.

Currently Return-to-Play and Return-to-Learning protocols call for rest if symptoms return at each step. It leaves sufferers frustrated and feeling helpless. This research wants to test how comprehensive solutions with a set of concrete steps can hasten recovery from a most troublesome condition.

Barbara Allan, Best Selling author of Conquering Arthritis, says “I enthusiastically endorse Dr. Joanny’s crowdfunding campaign to fund clinical research for post-concussion treatment. The sad fact is that research that helps us understand how to get people well again with a minimum of cost and effort, no longer tends to be funded. This is because Big Pharma and Big Medicine tend to be driven more by potential for big profits, than by the potential for more quickly and easily getting people well again. They have little interest in funding studies that test treatments that allow people to recover quickly and thoroughly, because healthy, fully functioning people are not a profit center for them. In contrast, Dr. Joanny, who has had unusually good success in treating concussion, including with her own son, is passionate about running these clinical trials because she cares deeply about people actually getting the very best post-concussion treatment, which is not what is widely offered as the current standard of care. This clinical trial is an important step towards creating the shift needed for all people who suffer a concussion getting the best care possible.”

Dr. Joanny Liu talks about her research project.

The crowdfunding campaign begins Thursday, November 24, 2016 and ends Thursday, December 23, 2016 at More details to come. To learn more about Dr. Joanny Liu’s work, please visit

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