Calgary Massage Therapy Traditional Thai Deep Tissue & Reflexology Launched

Calgary-based wellness and therapy center Exige Medi Spa (+1-403-918-8936) launched updated therapy services. The center provides deep tissue massage, reflexology, traditional Thai and various other procedures, allowing clients to customize the tempo, pressure, and focus areas, and offering a variety of complimentary services.

Exige Medi Spa launched their updated range of massage therapies including deep tissue massage therapy, reflexology and traditional Thai massage.

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The benefits of massage therapy have made such procedures extremely popular throughout the world, even more so in urban areas where a sedentary lifestyle and long office hours have increased the incidence of back, neck, shoulder pain and general musculoskeletal stress.

Massage therapies provide effective joint, tendon, ligament and muscle relief, as well as being an extremely relaxing and fulfilling procedure.

Exige Medi Spa is a leading wellness and massage therapy center serving clients in downtown Calgary and surrounding area. Working with professionally registered massage therapists, acupuncturists, reflexologists and other specialists, the center strives to offer high-quality wellness and massage services for the specific needs of each client.

Although the clientele is mostly comprised of corporate professionals, the wellness center welcomes everyone to experience the open concept layout that is unique to Exige.

The spa provides a treatment form which clients can use to select the specific procedures they desire. The Exige form allows individual selection of treatment type, tempo, pressure, as well as areas to focus on or avoid.

As well as offering completely personalized treatments, Exige Medi Spa also provides seven complimentary services with each treatment for a unique wellness and therapy experience. Services include essential oils, hot stones, mineral heating lamp, coconut oil, aromatherapy, hot towel cleanse, cupping and a 500ml water bottle.

Owner Dr. Amanda emphasized the company’s dedication to client satisfaction and accessibility to the modern Calgary professionals: Dr Amanda says “Coming to Exige is not just about getting a massage…It’s an experience in it’s own right. We are the ideal get away for downtown corporate professionals needing to recharge while remaining close to work.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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