Calgary AB Out Of Province Car/Truck Inspection – Auto Registration Launched

Calgary-based Cetus Automotive Repair Centre (1-403-235-2912) has just updated its out-of-province car inspection service.

The car garage’s revamped service entails thorough inspections that certify if a vehicle is fit to be driven in Alberta. It is staffed with highly trained experts with extensive experience in vehicle evaluation and repair.

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This newly upgraded service is ideal for people who wish to live and work in Calgary. The typical inspection can last up to two hours and necessary repairs will be highlighted in the report.

Alberta has very strict requirements for vehicle roadworthiness. The mandatory out-of-state inspection makes sure that a private vehicle complies with all the safety standards stipulated in the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations (MVAR).

Cetus Automotive Repair Centre offers exhaustive yet affordable car evaluations to clients. The shop can inspect all types of private vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, trucks, and vans.

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Among the items to be scrutinized are the brakes, tires, drivetrain, electrical systems, suspension, and steering. Car exhaust levels will also be audited to verify if they comply with prescribed standards, thus ensuring that vehicles do not contribute to air pollution.

Should any issues be uncovered during the inspection, the garage can also provide the necessary repairs to address them. A spokesperson says that having the fixes conducted at the inspection site can save people both time and money.

For their convenience, clients can book an appointment via the auto shop’s website. They simply need to fill out a short form, after which they will receive a confirmation notice.

About Cetus Automotive Repair Centre

Cetus Auto is a leading car garage that offers end-to-end mechanical services. For its excellent service, it has received almost 400 five-star ratings from satisfied customers.

A spokesperson says: “Communication is key to understanding automotive repairs. Being experts in our field, it is our job to help you understand when and why a repair is needed and it is our job to ensure that all of your automotive needs are met in an environment you can trust.”

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