Caledon Pet Portraits Dog Cat Miniature Artwork Custom Services Launched

On Dragon Wings Studio, a Caledon, Ontario art studio, launched custom pet portrait art services for pet owners in Ontario and other areas. The studio works with professional artists to create custom artwork in various media, including watercolor, ink, acrylic and digital.

On Dragon Wings Studio, a professional art studio based in Caledon, Ontario, announced complete pet portrait services for clients interested in classical or digital portraits of their dogs, cats and other pets. The studio provides watercolor, ink, acrylic and digital custom art.

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Custom portraits are a unique idea for pet owners looking to celebrate their companions, and they can also be an excellent gift for pet enthusiasts.

On Dragon Wings Studio is a professional art studio specializing in custom family and pet portraits, being the joint effort of Shelly, Emma and Connor Hawley-Yan. To provide pet owners in Ontario and other areas with high-quality pet art, the studio has recently announced complete custom portraits of various sizes, styles and designs.

On Dragon Wings artists use the client’s photos to render a unique perspective on each pet. Clients can send both digital and scanned photos of any quality, which are then used to create an adequate image of the pet in a style of the client’s choice.

To cater for a variety of needs and preferences, On Dragon Wings Studio offers a wide range of custom artwork, including black-and-white and color ink, watercolor, acrylic, digital and others.

Portraits range in size between 5×7” and 12×12”. Miniatures are also available, either as stand-alone orders or at a discount with each full-size portrait.

Founder Shelly Hawley-Yan emphasizes the importance of her scientific background for the development of her unique art style: “I feel that my scientific background enables me to look more critically at my illustrations, and gives them greater scientific accuracy and believability. Although I work in several media, my first love is ink, black or colored, using both stippling and line drawing, often with watercolor added.”

Interested parties can find a full gallery of On Dragon Wings portraits and order their own artwork at the above-mentioned website.

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