Caffeinated Vegan Ketone Drink Post-Workout Recovery Energy Formula Launched

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Ocelot Ketones has launched its line of therapeutic ketone drinks as an effective post-workout recovery formula that helps users achieve optimum levels of ketosis. The store's proprietary formula KETO//OS NAT is available as caffeinated and non-caffeinated drink mix sachets.

Ocelot Ketones has launched more than 20 ketone-based products through the Pruvit online store. KETO//OS NAT and KETO//OS NAT Lite are available in a wide range of flavors and as part of a 10-day challenge bundle for those new to keto drinks.

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Ocelot Ketones will be useful to individuals interested in significantly losing weight through a hassle-free fat loss solution that doesn’t involve ketogenic diets. These natural keto drinks provide all the benefits of quick ketosis while improving a user’s mental and emotional state.

Therapeutic Ketone products are natural formulations that yield positive fat loss results. Ketone products work to stimulate ketosis, a metabolic state driven by the conversion of fat into energy. Ketosis can help control cravings, lower anxiety, and improve a person’s general sense of wellbeing in a relatively short time.

Ocelot Ketones supplies all-natural fermented ketone products through the Pruvit sales platform. Customers who visit the store website can expect a full overview of each individual product, along with ingredient descriptions and links to peer-reviewed studies that support the health claims. Current offers include caffeinated and non-caffeinated versions of ketone supplements that deliver the benefits of a healthy diet.

The company’s products are developed through its trademarked Nutritionally Advanced Technology (NAT) process, developed through years of research on ketones and ketosis. These drinks contain plant extracts such as C-Med 100 to boost the levels of beneficial amino acids and support immune health.

A spokesperson said, “Drinking our all-natural therapeutic ketones is the easiest way to feel better and gain the benefits of a healthy diet without actually having to restrict yourself. The keto diet was originally designed for epilepsy but has since shown that ketosis has many other benefits. Pruvit Ketones can also help reduce sugar cravings. No diet is necessary because by drinking ketones, your body will go into ketosis and unlock the benefits without needing to be ultra-restrictive.”

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