CAD/GIS Summit Evolution Photogrammetry 2021 3D Imagery Software Report Released

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DAT/EM Systems International has released a report detailing the features of Summit Evolution 8, its latest photogrammetric workstation, which has been designed to be user-friendly, interact with graphical applications and systems such as CAD and GIS.

The report about Summit Evolution 8 details updates that include support for new versions of ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, AutoCAD, Global Mapper, and other CAD and GIS software. The report highlights the inclusion of these updates to improve user experience, productivity, and cross-platform compatibility.

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DAT/EM Systems International’s report will be useful to anyone looking for a user-friendly multispectral imagery software for developing graphical projects, which can also integrate data from all major 3rd party applications.

Photogrammetric workstations enable the utilization of digital imagery for photogrammetric tasks, such as structural analysis and 3D modeling. This functions as a helpful tool for a variety of project applications, including geology, civil engineering, sports, filmmaking, and more.

In the report, DAT/EM Systems International summarizes the four product levels that the Summit Evolution 8 photogrammetric workstation is currently available on, including Professional, Lite, Feature Collection, and Summit UAS. The company lists recommendations for hardware and software that work best with the workstation. Notably, the current version allows seamless integration with Microsoft-compliant GIS and CAD packages.

The report also reiterates DAT/EM Systems International’s reputable support services. The company states that its customer support team guarantees an initial response on any request within a day of receiving notification from a user. For customers who are undecided on their product of choice, the report recommends DAT/EM Systems International’s Feature Comparison tool, which provides a complete list of comparative features between products.

A spokesperson said, “Summit Evolution 8 is the most user-friendly photogrammetric workstation on the market. It’s designed to interact with CAD and GIS, making it as easy as possible to extract usable three-dimensional information from stereo data. Summit Evolution is our hero product and we are excited to announce the launch of version eight, which includes several improvements.”

About the Company

Founded in 1987, DAT/EM Systems International is a photogrammetric software developer based in Anchorage, Alaska. The company also develops 3D feature collection software and offers hardware and software support for Summit Evolution and LandScape, a 3D terrain point cloud editing software.

DAT/EM Systems International is currently offering a 30-day demonstration period to users, allowing complete access to all features of its Summit Evolution 8 photogrammetry software. Interested parties can find more information on this offer and read the full report here:

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