Cacao Snuff Applicator Organic Raw Chocolate On-The-Go Bump Straw Released

Snuff cacao company Snogo has recently released a new snuff chocolate applicator for customers to easily ingest cacao powder as an alternative to bullet snuffs and key bumps.

Snuff cacao company Snogo have recently released a range of bump straws used to sniff cacao powder as an alternative to bullet snuffs and key bumps.

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Snogo has released these easy-to-use snuff applicators so that customers can bump cacao on the go, whenever and wherever they are. The straws are created for all cacao users, including students, party and club-goers, people in the restaurant industry, and truck drivers – anyone who needs to stay up all night.

Party-goers across the world have been using snuff chocolate as a natural high for years, as the chemicals contained cause euphoria and boost energy. For example, tyrosine (a form of dopamine), which releases serotonin in the brain. Cacao is also thought to have many health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, aiding digestion and reducing the risk of diabetes. Snogo’s party supplies allow customers to quickly and easily use these snuff products.

The spring-loaded straws are a 3 in 1 product. As well as being used as a snuff applicator, when taken apart they can also act as a designer straw and as a scoop to replace the key bump. This, along with the medical grade stainless steel material, also means that they are easy to clean.

At three inches in length, their small size means the straws are portable and simple. Features include a notched nose-piece for use in dark places, triple mirror-polish to reduce friction, and a seven-hole carb to increase airflow. The high-quality DNX spring allows for smooth recoil action. The straws are available in polished stainless silver or black nitride finish.

In addition, Snogo has created a specially designed unisex necklace, that can hold the straws while the user is occupied. They are also finished in polished stainless silver or black nitride, to match the straws.

The company sell their own brand of organic raw cacao snuff, offering five different blends. Their signature blend includes Asian mint, holy basil, kava, ginger, and vitamin B-12. Each bump includes the caffeine equivalent of approximately one cup of coffee, providing that energy boost.

The company has been working on the bump straw design for 7 years, having created 10 prototypes before reaching the current product. They are working towards new products for the snuff chocolate applicator industry, that will be released over the next few months.

They state that after all this work, they have “now achieved perfection”.

Interested readers can find out more information about the snuff applicators and purchase Snogo’s products by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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