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Thriving School Consulting launches its innovative teacher professional development (PD) program that transforms stressful school cultures into positive, thriving systems. The goal is to improve student well-being through proactive strategies. This quick & easy to implement PD offers stress relief for burned out teachers.

This new teacher professional development program was created by Dr. Cameron Caswell and Charle Peck (together known as Dr. Cam + Charle) who believed that traditional learning models undervalued the importance of holistic education in changing lives. As parents and teachers, themselves, they experienced firsthand the challenges in trying to change the system, often feeling disempowered at the lack of proper training.

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Together, they created an innovative solution that is both realistic and effective. The newly announced program supports parents and students in addition to school staff and helps all of them master 10 core competencies essential for a sustainable outcome.

Unlike other school programs, Dr. Cam + Charle have created a curriculum based on their expertise and personal experiences. They explain that they are, and will continue to be, working in the “trenches” with students, staff, and parents daily. This allows them to identify key challenges on the ground so that they can create appropriate solutions for them.

Their diverse yet complimentary educational model enables all stakeholders within the school to safely work with each other within a nurturing and self-contained community. As its name suggests, the new teacher professional development at Thriving School Consulting attempts to integrate layers of mental health support within the system rather than adding new programming and responsibilities. Rather than giving overburdened educators more to do, they help them power up what they are already doing.

Dr. Cam, known as the “teen translator”, is an adolescent psychologist and family success coach. For more than 20 years, she has helped parents build strong, positive relationships with their teenage children.

Charle serves districts and school leaders as a consultant and brings 20 years of teaching and mental health leadership. She understands the stress and strain teachers are experiencing and can speak to this group in a way they understand.

A spokesperson for the pair said, “Together, they are a powerful force since each of them brings their own expertise and experience to the same mission and passion. With this teacher professional development program, they can reach more people and make bigger transformations.”

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