CA Solar Power Installation Lease Scam Prevention – Homeowners Report Launched

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More Californian homeowners than ever are interested in purchasing solar panels for their homes. Use this guide to help consumers identify and avoid expensive solar power scams.

Option One Solar has released a new report on solar scams, How To Get Out of a Solar Contract Lease. The guide will help consumers navigate costly and impenetrable solar leases, which can last between 15-20 years.

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This latest release provides readers with valuable information on costly, long-term solar lease agreements and their rights as solar consumers.

Solar energy has become increasingly popular among residential owners over the last decade. Many companies, however, are taking advantage of this growing demand to scam consumers, particularly low-income homeowners. One common scam is an offer for “free” solar, wherein unwitting homeowners sign a contract that binds a long-term solar lease to their home-title.

Option One Solar responds to these trends by releasing a new guide on how to recognize such scams and what consumers can do if they have signed a solar lease agreement. The report recommends that homeowners also read the California Solar Consumer Protection Guide for further information regarding their rights.

The report explains that the best way to protect oneself from a costly solar lease is to avoid signing one. Homeowners should always read any solar contract in full and seek a second opinion prior to agreeing to the terms of a lease.

For those who have already signed a contract, the guide explains that there are three ways to break a solar lease. Homeowners can opt to buy out the remaining part of the lease agreement or purchase the solar system at market price. The last option is to transfer the solar lease agreement upon selling the property.

In the interest of complete transparency, Option One Solar provides each of its clients with a copy of the California Consumer Protection Guide. The company also gives potential clients a complete overview of their options, including the benefits and drawbacks of each installation plan.

The company has also gained a strong reputation for its high-quality solar installation services and high-level of client care.

One satisfied client said: “Option One Solar was our choice for solar after looking into various other companies. We are 110% satisfied. The entire process was a great experience, from the design work to the final installation.”

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