C & C Medical Admin, Inc. Debuts Solution to Leading Cause of Physician Burnout

Medical billing outsourcing service provides a path forward for the 55% of doctors who feel burned out due to excessive administrative tasks.

MIAMI—March 24, 2020— C & C Medical Administration, a leading provider of medical coding and physician billing services, has debuted an updated version of its service offering to help address physician burnout, now identified by Medscape as a serious issue affecting the medical profession. According to the recent Medscape National Physician Burnout & Suicide Report 2020: The Generational Divide, 55% of 15,000 MDs surveyed reported feeling that “Too many bureaucratic tasks” contribute most to burnout. C & C handles the bulk of this workload, so doctors can focus on patient care.

“It’s alarming that the profession is feeling such intense negativity, but it’s not surprising,” said a spokesperson for C & C. “Medicine should be about delivering care, not fussing with computers half the day. That’s the problem we solve. We handle the time-consuming and often stressful process of medical billing and coding.”

The Medscape study reveals a profession in crisis, with 42% of doctors from 29 specialties surveyed reporting feeling “unresolvable, job related stress.” In addition to bureaucratic tasks, leading contributors to burnout included “Spending too many hours at work” (33%), “Lack of respect from administrators, employers, colleagues or staff” (32%) and “increasing computerization of practice, e.g. Electronic Health Records, or EHRs (30%). The C & C service can alleviate these stressors as well.

C & C offers a newly-expanded portfolio of medical billing and benefits of an epic EHR service. The company is able to set up and manage medical practices using Choice Pay, Quick Collect, Audit Guard, Code Rite and iDOCS Now packages. “We don’t force you into a single medical billing software,” the spokesperson added. “Rather, you can choose what works best for your practice. That’s another way we help reduce burnout.”

According to Medscape, the perceived impact of burnout was different by age group. Fifty percent of baby boomers reported that burnout “has a strong/severe impact on my life.” Forty-six percent of Generation X MDs and 36% of Millennials felt burnout was that serious a problem, respectively. Twenty-eight percent of baby boomers said burnout “has little or no impact on my life.”

Generational differences surfaced in identifying top stressors. For example, Generation X, which reported the highest overall rate of burnout, reported the following top three contributors to burnout: Too many bureaucratic tasks (56%), Lack of respect (33%) and too many hours at work (33%). In contrast, 41% of baby boomers in the survey identified increased computerization as a top contributor to burnout. “If you’re born before 1964, the computer wasn’t part of your life until after you finished medical school, in all probability. Now, you don’t have to worry about it anymore,” the spokesperson noted.

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