BZB Cabins & Outdoors Introduces Oval-shaped Saunas to the US Market

BZB Cabins & Outdoors distributes environmentally-friendly log structures such as saunas and gazebos. They assist with planning, installation, and post-sale support to satisfy their clientele.

Garfield, NJ – When thinking of a sauna, most people generally don’t consider an oval structure. However, BZB Cabins and Outdoors is looking to change that. The eco-friendly log structure distribution company has brought European sauna styles to the American market with much success.

Their wildly popular W3 sauna kit contains some unorthodox design and functional features that set it apart from its competition. This outdoor sauna is oval-shaped, which allows better air circulation. This design helps the sauna to heat more quickly and to stay warmer for longer. It features three rooms so that several people can enjoy sauna at once comfortably: while some reap the benefits of the hot room, others relax in the sitting room. Oval sauna also contains significant headroom that allows two-level seating in the hot room.

The company offers several different DIY sauna kits which allow people to assemble their own fully functional sauna in a matter of days. Otherwise, BZB Cabins provides installation services as well. Like the W3, the company offers other barrel saunas with one or two rooms. If no current selections suit the fancy of potential customers, a custom-made sauna could be ordered. Also, BZB Cabins works to release a brand new set of models each year.

BZB Cabins & Outdoors is an environmentally-friendly company that specializes in the distribution of products such as gazebos, cabins, sheds, and, of course, saunas. All their products are manufactured in Europe while their headquarters is in Connecticut, and their main warehouse is located in New Jersey. This is also the location from which all their products will ultimately ship. The company only utilizes materials of the highest quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

BZB Cabins & Outdoors aims to help people realize that owning their very own sauna does not have to be an unattainable luxury. The company strives to make sauna structures affordable and uncomplicated so that everyone can relax in the comfort of their own property. With low prices and financing plans, owning an outdoor sauna has never been easier.

People can also rest easy knowing that they are buying from a company that cares about sustainable practices. Nowadays, quality products are not the only thing one should consider when thinking about purchasing from a particular company – environmental care is now a big priority to many consumers. Luckily, BZB Cabins and Outdoors has proven itself as a great choice on many fronts.

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