Buying & Selling Companies In 2022 – New Business Growth Blueprint Now Available

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An unconventional business growth blueprint has recently been launched by entrepreneur Jeremy Harbour. Called “Go Do Deals”, the approach provides a structured framework for buying/selling companies and is ideal for entrepreneurs looking for creative approaches for success in 2022.

The founder of The Harbour Club, Jeremy Harbour has announced an innovative way to change the business growth mindset of resourceful businessmen and women, and demonstrates this with a series of examples.

His practical examples are linked to a valuable 21-day business growth plan. This on-demand course is available for all customers and acts as a roadmap for anyone needing to streamline their business sales process.

Each day of the new course focuses on a different aspect of business growth, with insights that entrepreneurs can apply immediately. These begin with how to buy, fix, and sell a company without upfront cash. The final lessons complete the course with insider strategies for maximising revenue.

These concepts have universal applications and can be used by any entrepreneur.

By reading the book and learning from the expert-led course, entrepreneurs will absorb all the knowledge and insight they need to make consistent business sales and find regular buyers.

This approach has made a significant difference to many budding entrepreneurs that were reluctant at first. More information can be found at:

The modules of the new course include key insights on structuring deals, fixing broken businesses, and finding reliable avenues for generating more profit. Entrepreneurs will also learn how to sell businesses faster and ensure they get a good price.

The goal of the book is to provide readers with more than just a new “North Star” to follow. They can use the learnings to guide their decision-making and processes for years and years to come. It’s a flexible backbone for entrepreneurs of all experience levels, whether they have bought and sold companies before, or they’re just starting out.

At the core of the strategy is a process termed Agglomeration. Readers will learn how to leverage this for themselves and use it to their advantage, while at the same time avoiding bad advice and reducing risk in every area of their business.

Jeremy Harbour believes that nobody should be put off by the fact that they haven’t closed a deal yet. He strives to empower more people to achieve their goals and engineer their life for sustained success.

A spokesperson states: “Go Do Deals gives readers a valuable approach to source and buy companies without having capital or borrowing lots of money. It will also make sure they avoid the common pitfalls, and find all the business buyers they’ll ever need.”

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