Buyers Agent Association Reports 2021 First Time Home Buyer Best Housing Markets

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The National Buyers Agent Association released a report on best US housing markets in 2021. The list serves as a guide for first-time homebuyers who are looking to buy and invest in a home.

Here in the early months of 2021, real estate professionals at the National Buyers Agent Association report a great comeback after the painful effect the pandemic last year. In this report, buyer agents from across the country ranked the best housing markets for new buyers to consider. The association produced a guide especially aimed towards the needs of first-time homebuyers who are planning to make a move in 2021. It consists of a list of affordable cities for buyers to consider. The report is especially helpful for home buyers who work from home and are considering a move to where there are the best housing markets.

The full summary of the report can be read here:

The Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area is a popular place to live due to its cosmopolitan nature and warm weather. Buyer agents foresee the DFW market in 2021 to continue to be a strong seller’s market. This means that more people are looking to purchase a property than there are available properties for sale. Reports show that the median price range of a home for sale in Dallas Fort Worth in 2021 will be at least $316,000, but this is still more affordable than many other large metropolitan areas. High demand and record-breaking low mortgage rates continue to put a lot of pressure on property prices.

One more town that made it on the list is Salk Lake City, Utah. Recent reports have shown Salt Lake City as one of the top 5 areas that buyers are moving to, starting from late 2020. In 2021, the town continues to face bidding wars. On the other hand, 2021 is going to be a great year for investors, as the median price range continues to rise and the mortgage rates continue to stay low. A good buyers agent negotiator is especially useful under these circumstances.

Other areas that first-time homebuyers may wish to consider are Raleigh/Durham, NC, Seattle, WA, and Cleveland, OH. While a few reports have shown migration to the suburbs, it is clear that these larger metropolitan areas still have many of the amenities first-time homebuyers are seeking. Therefore, buyers are still planning to buy in these areas despite low inventory and strong competition.

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