Buyer Agent Search Service Releases Interview Series of Top Real Estate REALTORS

The Buyer Agent Search Service by Skyfor Inc releases a series of exclusive interview videos with the top buyer agents throughout the United States. The video answers 5 critical questions that are relevant to the agent selection process.

The Buyer Agent Search Service by Skyfor Inc. has just released a new series of exclusive video interviews with top real estate buyer agents throughout the country. This series answers 5 critical questions that will help potential buyers and sellers understand the “real estate game”. In this way, consumers will be in control of the process and can avoid the mistake of getting hooked up with the wrong agent. Based on statistics given by the National Association of Realtor (NAR), there are over 1.4 million licensees in the United States, making it difficult to distinguish the good and the bad ones. Thus, a thorough and informed choice of an agent is vital before engaging in any real estate transaction.

The series may be accessed on Buyer Agent Search’s YouTube channel. The summary can be found here: along with a link to the channel:

In each video, five critical questions are answered by a top buyer agent in different areas. The questions are about 1) unique things about the area; 2) the median price in the area; 3) preparations needed to move in the area; 4) most memorable experience of the agent and 5) how the agent protects the buyer. Considering the number of licensed real estate agents in the United States, it is tough to discern the exceptional ones. The series offers an alternative to a quick internet search or just recommendations from friends and family.

New interviews are put on the Buyer Agent Search video channels every week, and include cities such Indianapolis Indiana, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Orlando, Florida, St. Louis, Missouri, and Long Island in New York. The video series by Buyer Agent Search makes a researched and well-thought-out selection process easy. The agents interviewed in this series possess extensive knowledge and skills that make them excellent choices for real estate consumers. The brokers interviewed have been consistently rated “10+” by their clients. A “10+” rating can only be attained if the agent is reviewed over many years as an excellent agent by consumers and Skyfor staff, and has 0 negative reviews. In the video series, consumers will learn the educational backgrounds of the agents (i.e designations, certifications and years of expertise), the amenities and town they serve, and how they guide buyers in their next real estate transaction.

Kathleen Chiras, Skyfor Inc.’s CEO, and the interviewer in the series, decided to come up with this service to help home buyers see the qualities that make up excellent agents. Her lifelong career in helping real estate buyers and sellers was inspired by a bad experience with her first real estate transaction. She purchased a home with her husband in the late 1980s, and her husband suggested they just contact the number posted on the sign in front of a beautiful home they found in a drive-by. This broker ended up being the listing agent of the house, and the couple ended up paying the full listing price of the home. Chiras is quoted as saying, “The agent was a very sweet lady, but we didn’t realize until later that her main motivation was to get the highest price for the home to please her sellers, and to earn the most commission”.

Since then, she has committed her career to helping buyers and sellers be in charge of the process. The service educates consumers about the real estate system so they can use it to their own best advantage. The service has over 1200 vetted agents nationwide, and they must portray the exceptional qualities exemplified in the videos or they are removed from the network. She and her team give at least 2 top agent recommendations to anyone who is considering the purchase or sale of real estate in the United States. This free service is constantly monitoring and following up on the recommended companies to make sure the agents are not only meeting but also exceeding the client’s expectations. For consumers who want to secure their next real estate transaction, visit to download a list of top agents in any town in the United States. The headquarters staff of Skyfor’s Buyer Agent Search program are available 7 days a week to assist in the selection process.

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