Buy Private Jet Cheap Options Farmingdale NY Aircraft Management Book Released

A new book is offered in a complimentary pre-launch, called “Own Your Own Plane: It Costs Less Than You Think.” Written by Nik Tarascio, the CEO of Ventura Air Services, the book details how to buy, manage and maintain a private airplane.

Nik Tarascio, the CEO of Ventura Air Services, a private jet charter and aircraft management company based in Farmingdale, NY, has launched a new book. The book called “Own Your Own Plane: It Costs Less Than You Think” details how to buy and manage a plane inexpensively.

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Interested readers who sign up on the site ahead of the book’s official release will get a free copy as part of the launch campaign. The book dispels the myth that airplanes are expensive and reserved for the rich. The book also educates readers on everything they need to know to integrate their own aircraft into their daily lives.

For people who have always dreamed of owning an aircraft, the book teaches how to make it possible. For people looking to have someone else manage the aircraft buying and maintenance process, Ventura Air Services can handle the aircraft acquisition process and from start to finish as well as the ongoing management while reducing ownership costs.

There are a number of benefits to owning an aircraft rather than relying on commercial flights for travel. The most common benefit buyers seek is the time is saves. Aircraft owners don’t have to wait in line and can move their departure times around as they wish.

Aircraft owners also get access to thousands of airports instead of the few hundred that the commercial airlines fly into so their ground travel is often greatly reduced.

The aircraft company Ventura Air Services can also manage the aircraft once the customer owns it. They can teach them how to benefit from the tricks the elite wealthy have used to offset their ownership costs and to receive benefits from owning their aircraft.

Ventura Air Services offers full aircraft maintenance, avionics installs, sales and storage services. It also offers private jet charters, aircraft management and travel concierge services. The qualified mechanics and maintenance experts at Ventura Air Services offer assistance with all aircraft ownership needs. The team is available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Full details on how to can become an aircraft owner, for less than most people would imagine, can be found in the new book, available at the URL above.

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