Buy Local Wichita: The Newest Way to Shop Local and Support Wichita Businesses

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Local payment processor, Acumen Connections, releases Buy Local Wichita. They strive to help create, build, and nurture B2B and B2C businesses in the Wichita and surrounding areas.

Local payment processor, Acumen Connections, supports Wichita businesses. The team offers marketing solutions and free articles for business leaders. Today, the team unveils their newest pillar of support: Buy Local Wichita.

Buy Local Wichita is a new way to connect local businesses with shoppers in their city. The project is complete with a website and community Facebook group.

“We aim to help create, build, and nurture B2B and B2C businesses in the Wichita and surrounding areas. Our goal is to promote and support small businesses… everyone [should] shop local,” explains the team’s recent article.

The new website,, showcases Wichita deals, discounts, and more. The website helps promote local businesses. It also serves as a space for shoppers to find coupons for nearby businesses.

The discounts offered on the Buy Local Wichita website are paid promotions. But those promotions make it easy for Wichita to discover new stores and businesses in their area. They may even find a new local favorite.

Consumers are more likely to try something new with a coupon or discount. The ability to save money provides an incentive for customers. As Renee McBride, the Digital Marketing Manager, explains, “Trying something new can be scary. Coupons provide an opportunity for consumers to make that leap of faith… It’s easier to try something that’s inexpensive or low financial risk.”

There’s more to the Buy Local Wichita project than just a website. There’s a free Facebook group too.

Wichita is a unique city. There’s over half a million citizens and thousands of local businesses. There’s always something to do in Wichita and its surrounding area.

Wichita is a melting pot. Many cultures and communities from around the world can be found here. In fact, Wichita demographics are similar to those of the entire country.

Diverse views mean diverse skill sets. Diverse skill sets mean more specialists and unique businesses. When small-town pride mixes with unique businesses, you have a community with entrepreneurial spirit.

Wichitans shop local because they’re likely friends with at least one business owner. They see the effect of shopping local in their own community. There’s a reason many startups, including Pizza Hut and White Castle, start in this Kansas city.

Wichitans love supporting local business and saving money too. Wichita’s businesses love getting the word out about their products or service. The free Buy Local Wichita Facebook group, is the perfect solution for both.

The Facebook group will work in tandem with the Buy Local Wichita website. This group is a place for Wichitans to showcase favorite local businesses, ask for suggestions, and find nearby deals.

Group members are encouraged to share local family-friendly businesses they love. This could be in the form of pictures and video of their recent shopping hauls. And don’t forget sales. Promoting upcoming or current sales and discounts is not only welcome, but encouraged.

“Acumen Connections believes in the importance of buying local.” explains Sean High, the Merchant Services Account Manager, “The city of Wichita has many large and small businesses. They create new jobs each year. “

Business owners aren’t estranged billionaires, they’re local friends and neighbors. In many ways, the business district is essential to the city’s success. The Buy Local Wichita Facebook group is a free platform to support local businesses.

Wondering who the Facebook group is for? The answer is ‘almost’ everyone. McBride clarifies that, “those in the Wichita and surrounding area, are welcome. Acumen Connection merchants located in other cities too. The group is for business leaders, people looking to save money, and those that love shopping local. It’s a place for them to meet and connect.”

The Facebook group is free space to promote business, share sales, network, and grow client base. Group members are encouraged to engage with posts via comments, likes, and shares.

Acumen Connections offers card merchant services. But, in the 20 years they’ve been in business, they’ve learned a lot. The team wants to share what they’ve learned by helping other local businesses grow.

High remarks, “With this new group, Wichita residents can cheer on their community.” There’s value in being part of a community of like-minded people.

The group makes it easy to stay in the loop on specials and discounts. The group makes it fun and convenient to shop local. Best of all, the group provides a free platform for businesses to promote themselves.

There’s a story behind every business. Customers want to know what that story is. Buy Local Wichita is a place to share those stories.

Communities like Wichita are changing for the better, post-pandemic. Acumen Connections wants to be part of the good that’s happening. The team wants to help build a community of thriving local businesses. The Buy Local Wichita project is just the start.

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