Butterfly Networking Announces – Get Your Best Clients Giveaway

The "Get Your Best Clients Giveaway" continues to receive great reviews. Carla McNeil and Nilofer Safdar have put together a great group of contributors that have a lot to offer any small business owners.

NEW WEST MINSTER, B.C November 03, 2015 – “Get Your Best Clients Giveaway,” Update. What a successful event right out of the gate! The response has been overwhelming, and the excitement ongoing as this spectacular Giveaway continues to reward those business owners who have elected to participate. The spectacular lineup of diverse contributors has presented participating business owners with an array of innovative and informative “hot off the press” resources and gimmicks that are proving to enhance their brand images while attracting new customers, building new email lists, expanding their businesses, and enjoying the benefits of increased sales and revenues.

The unique categories of Giveaway contributors include coaches, authors, speakers, consultants, healers, private practitioners, trainers, service-based professionals, brick and mortar business specialists, as well as a variety of other small business owners. Offering state of the art and highly informative products and services, these recognized contributors all share in the same mission statement – to help other small businesses prosper.

Many clients have already enjoyed the benefits of some of the hottest new products to hit the market, including specialized Training Programs, Software Packages and Services, and E-Books to name a few. And, to think, these ambitious businesses are now reaping the rewards of all the creative content offered simply because they have elected to enter this amazing Giveaway event. Don’t waste any time. Head on over to http://bestclientsummit.com/OP/beacontributor/ and join in all the excitement and enthusiasm being shared by many small business owners in a wide range of industries.

Business partners Carla McNeil and Nilofer Safdar are pleased to announce the early success of this one of a kind Giveaway and look forward to participation by many more small business owners in the days ahead. Customers can gain immediate access to most of the special gifts offered, while a handful of others require participation in special online raffle drawings being held by some of the participating business contributors. As has already been emphasized, “this is an absolutely no sale zone,” where successful contributors are committed to the overall growth and success of industry-wide businesses. The event continues through Monday, November 16, at 12 midnight, Pacific time and is certainly an event that no small business, whether new or existing, would want to miss out on for sure.

The overall vision and mission statement of this truly spectacular Giveaway event is aimed at creating a thriving economy for small business owners of every industry sector, while affording the individual businesses opportunities to enhance their own brand images and company visibility in the marketplace. Surely there isn’t a company in business today that would not welcome the opportunity to create and develop online presence all the while increasing client databases and email lists, as well as increasing sales leads and overall revenues.

Success and prosperity are the common goals of all businesses, regardless of industry sector or size, and surely this innovative Giveaway can assist business owners in reaching these very goals and objectives. With absolutely no catch at all and the mere task of inputting name and email address, clicking the access button and following the simple instructions provided on the screen, is it any wonder that any small business owner out there would not rush right out to participate. Take advantage of this amazing and unique event today, and enjoy the special benefits that so many other small business owners are already bragging about.

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