Busy Dad Nutrition Plan/Exercise Program – One-On-One Fitness Coaching Launched

The Six Pack Dad Tribe, a group dedicated to helping working dads both achieve and maintain healthy body weight, has launched a video training course available online.

Many people struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle as they age, and working dads are no exception. The Six Pack Dad Tribe has launched a new 20-minute masterclass that shows how working fathers can achieve the body they want without fad diets, medications, or complicated routines.

To learn more about the 20-minute masterclass, please visit https://www.thesixpackdadtribe.com/weboptin

While the Six Pack Dad Tribe cannot guarantee every father a six-pack, their science-backed program has a 90% client success rate for helping working dads to get into better shape within 3 – 6 months. The new masterclass program uses sustainable goals to help members maintain the results long-term.

Unlike other health programs, there are no products to buy, just sustainable and simple health practices that are evidence-backed and proven to help with maintaining a healthy and strong body. Members who need extra help in following these guidelines, or getting started with the program, can access one-on-one coaching from experienced team members.

After joining the program, new members are shown simple exercises, enjoyable meal plans, and a scientific process designed by experts to help working dads achieve their health goals without taking up every minute of their free time. They will also have access to a helpful community of other individuals on the same journey who can help them build successful habits.

The Six Pack Dad Tribe was created by Tyson and Cheri Johnson, who hold several degrees between them, including bachelors in psychology, business, and fitness and wellness, as well as a master’s in secondary education. Cheri has spent several years teaching high school physical education and working as a personal trainer.

In 2004, Tyson went through his own journey to a strong and healthy body, which required far too much time spent in the gym and on highly restrictive diets. This inspired the pair to create a more sustainable, science-based program that could help other working dads to achieve their own health goals, and their website is filled with success stories from the people they have helped.

A satisfied client said, “I feel healthier now than I have in maybe 20 years, but what’s more, is that this feels sustainable to me. Never have I felt this confident in my own ability to continue forward eating like this, exercising like this, and still enjoying my life.”

For more information or to enroll in the masterclass, please visit https://www.thesixpackdadtribe.com

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