Bussani Nit Extraction Comb – Head Lice Removal Kit For Kids/Toddlers Launched

Online retailer Bussani has launched its new head lice comb kit, which is currently available to purchase on Amazon or on the company’s website.

The latest launch adds to the e-commerce store’s selection of affordable home and lifestyle items, which includes kitchenware, personal hygiene products, cookbooks, and more.

More details can be found at https://bussani-online.com/product/lice-comb-for-kids-treatment-nit-eggs-bugs-removal-wont-rust-or-pull-hair-out-best-for-longshortthickthinfinedry-wet-hair-louse

The newly released treatment kit includes a lice removal comb made from premium 304 stainless steel, as well as a complimentary cleaning brush designed to extract the insects and their eggs from the nit comb’s needles.

According to the CDC, approximately 6 to 12 million children under the age of 12 suffer from a head lice infestation each year. The small parasitic insects are typically spread through direct hair-to-hair contact, putting school-age children and any members of their household at the greatest risk of infestation.

With its advanced double-spiral microgroove teeth and closely packed needles, Bussani’s head lice comb was developed to help parents quickly remove lice and nits from their child’s scalp.

The treatment kit is compatible with all hair types—including wavy, curly, straight, fine, and thick—and can be used whether the hair is wet or dry. The nit comb features a thick, rust-resistant handle with a mirrored metal finish and a comfortable grip for ease of use.

The treatment kit comes in a set with a cleaning brush – Because of the double spiral microgroove lice and nit stick to the needles, and the lice comb cleaner tool that comes with the comb easily removes it.

Bussani’s manufacturing process utilizes the latest laser welding techniques, creating a long-lasting final product with a resistance of 500N. Because of its flexible yet durable design, the comb can be safely used on young children and toddlers without the risk of yanking their hair.

The professional-grade nit comb has earned ROHS and CE certificates, which guarantee that it meets the health and safety requirements of the European Union.

Interested parties can purchase the Bussani Head Lice Comb Kit at https://bussani-online.com/product/lice-comb-for-kids-treatment-nit-eggs-bugs-removal-wont-rust-or-pull-hair-out-best-for-longshortthickthinfinedry-wet-hair-louse





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