Businessman Pays Off School Lunch Debt

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Local businessman and real estate agent paid off the debt of students in 9 schools for lunches.

According to, a new South Florida business news website, A real estate agent took over the purchase of the outstanding school lunch debt in Jupiter.

When Andrew Levy learned that the total outstanding lunch allowance for each of the nine Jupiter area schools was $ 944.34, he decided that it was a small price to pay to make a big difference to a child’s life.

“I went there and I wanted to want to pay for lunch,” he said.

Levy is a real estate agent in the Palm Beach Gardens, but the majority of his business is in the Jupiter area, and he says that he quickly fell into the community when he moved to South Florida five years ago.

Levy said that when he learned that no more than 400 children in his community could get a full meal in their school cafeteria, he felt he had to act.

“Those children who were in debt were not eating or just getting cheese sandwiches and I thought that was crazy,” he said. “I thought you knew something? If I could make that change, for a moderate amount, I am going to do it. ”

The Levy said he had no work program, there were no children in the area and no personal connection with the schools but he knew he could make a difference, so he did it.

“You shouldn’t have to think about it. Children should not have to learn hunger, ”he said.

After paying the bills and bringing the families back to “zero,” Levy published it on Facebook and once hundreds of people said, asking if they could add to the next time too. Before he knew, Levy kindness action began a chain reaction throughout Palm Beach County.

“Some of the clients have said over the past few hours that you know something, I want to help, I would also give,” he said. “Every quarter I am going to make a GoFundMe page or fundraising page that can raise money every quarter so the hunt never grows lunch,” he said.

While the Levy’s contribution to Jupiter was greatly influenced, a school district spokesman said the total outstanding lunch debt across Palm Beach County is still sitting at $ 51,000. To learn more about how you can help or make a contribution, visit the area’s website.

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