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A new entrepreneur growth and development workshop has been announced in London from January 18-20, 2019. It will be an opportunity for networking and seeing how personal development can benefit business ventures.

A new London based workshop for entrepreneurs has been announced, called The Four Seasons of Entrepreneurship. It helps attendees to learn how to step into their personal potential in order to translate development and growth into business success and will be held on January 18-20, 2019.

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The emphasis of the event is on understanding how personal development impacts entrepreneurial success. It focuses on the five pillars, which include financial stability, emotional health, physical wellness, spiritual balance, and relationship harmony.

Attendees will learn about the importance of looking deep within themselves to see how their thoughts and emotions are influencing their decisions. They will also see what actions they are taking towards their business success.

At the core of the event is the notion that the inner work of the individual is what makes their business work as a whole. It’s important that entrepreneurs see their business as an extension of their person.

The Four Seasons of Entrepreneurship is a partnership of experienced entrepreneurs who facilitate spaces for others to discover the true nature not just of themselves but their business too.

Workshops provided are designed to offer deeper insights into the patterns and trends that occur within attendees’ businesses. This allows the business owner to then plan for success, reflection, vacation and expansion.

The company is run by Raschell Harlingten and Selena Moon. Raschell is the founder of Rooted For Success, and is an author, transformational coach, and real estate investor. Selena is a transformational retread and workshop facilitator, and both are experienced entrepreneurs themselves.

The event will also feature a mastermind group Q+A session so that entrepreneurs can network and share their ideas.

A recent attendee said: “I learned that in order to make the changes in my business that I want, I have to change myself.”

Full details of the event can be found on the URL above.

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