Business Survey Participants Get $249 Gift To Cut Costs and Increase Cash Flow

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Pandemic disrupted businesses who partake in an easy 6 minute online survey receive a FREE GIFT ($249 value) to cut cost and increase revenues- More details at

Andrew is a North Park, San Diego, CA small business owner of a butcher shop that was impacted by the pandemic. Recently he was contacted through his Facebook Messenger to partake in a 6 minute easy online survey about how he managed the disruption. Andrew never thought it was going to be a big deal Moreover, it never came into his mind that his participation in the simple 6 minute business survey would lead to cutting his expenses and increasing his cash flow within 45 days. Furthermore he did not realize the COVID-19 business recovery survey gift would probably reward his small meats shop for many more months into the future.

The business recovery appraisal Andrew participated in is being administered by the Small Business Recovery Centre USA, although nationwide, located in San Diego too. The SBRC USA works with government agencies and banks nationwide in assisting SMEs, small and mid-sized enterprises, in the recovery, rebuilding, and rebooting of businesses disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

SBRC USA has been contacting entrepreneurs nationwide to confidentially evaluate the pandemic’s impact on business operations. The data gathered will be used to analyze the effect of the Federal government’s response, by congressional district, and learn whether businesses support the continuation or renewal of such resources.

Partakers of the critique are rewarded for their approximately 6 minutes of time with a FREE GIFT valued at $249. But so far the rewards of the gift are more to talk about than the gift’s value. Businesses that have been using their gifts are reporting large costs saving and increased cash flows. Mattie from North Carolina shared she has noticed savings and that revenues have increased at her hair and nail salon.

The gift received from SBRC USA is a a Groupon style advertisement without any of their fees or commissions. The EZ Deal ad being gifted is 100% free, including the ad set-up and hosting.

The SBRC USA COVID-19 disruption survey is targeted for completion before December 1, 2021. If contacted to take the survey, owners should consider taking it as it may be more rewarding then the value of the gift being offered. Also, Business owners can go to their website and take the survey online 24/7 at their convenience.

The Small Business Recovery Centre USA is funded through memberships, donations, partnerships, and the MBE Chemeria Consultancy established in 1976 and can be reached at 888-363-3917. The Health and safety of members and staff is of the utmost concern so business is conducted online, by phone or through Zoom.

The SBRC USA is also administrator of a $1 million Digital Growth Grant program available exclusively to it’s members to digitize their operations during rebuilding and recovery.

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