Business Supply Chain Demand Forecasting AI Driven Platform Report Released

Crisp Inc announced that a new report on the benefits of demand forecasting is now available for businesses looking to predict what their customers are going to want in the future and keep their suppliers and business partners satisfied.

Crisp Inc, an online platform that aims to collectively reduce global food waste, announced the launch of a new report on the benefits of demand forecasting. The report provides detailed information about how businesses can use demand forecasting to plan production, inventory, distribution, pricing, marketing strategies, and their growth potential.

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In today’s volatile business environment, businesses need accurate, real-time demand forecasting to avoid making poor decisions that could prove costly. The newly launched report at Crisp Inc aims to educate business owners on the significant benefits of a demand forecasting model.

Crisp Inc explains that demand forecasting means using historical data to predict what one’s customers are going to want in the future. Historical data gives businesses a broad view of their seasonal ups and downs and highlights fluctuations that occur throughout the year.

Whether businesses are dealing with overstocks or understocks, they need accurate demand forecasting to keep their entire operation running smoothly and their customers, suppliers, and vendors satisfied.

Some of the benefits of demand forecasting include increased inventory turnover rates, reduced cost of holding inventory, optimized cash flow, improved operations and enhanced resource management.

To reap the benefits that real-time forecasting delivers, businesses need to leverage their existing data. They can use an automated platform to create the right statistical forecast, thus freeing themselves from the hours and days of manually working in a spreadsheet.

The Crisp forecasting platform can easily generate statistical forecasts and information about upcoming sales and marketing, solicit feedback, and note assumptions and variances. This AI-driven demand forecasting platform automatically identifies and calculates seasonal and holiday impacts to provide businesses with a single, accurate version of demand planning.

Crisp Inc states: “Crisp offers a fast, accurate method of predicting your business needs. Crisp leverages all of your various data points, simplifying what is typically a massively labor-intensive task and potentially saving you and your team hundreds of hours. Crisp eliminates errors, reduces cost and waste, increases the bottom line, and, perhaps most importantly, lets you get back to doing what you do best.”

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