Business Reputation Management Online Comment Alert App Released

Know-How Marketing, based in Canada, released RepWarn as a reseller. This web based app program checks the web for comments about a business and enables users to respond to comments to build their online presence and reputation.

Canadian based, Know-How Marketing, a business building company and web marketing firm, has released RepWarn, a reputation management app that enables companies to build their credibility online. This innovative software alerts users during real-time about comments posted online that directly relate to a business. Consequently, enabling better management of a business’ reputation.

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Online reviews now have a profound impact on the sales of businesses with over 90% of consumers checking online reviews of a business before purchasing and 88% of consumers saying they trust online reviews more than personal recommendations. Just one bad review can be catastrophic for the online reputation and sales of a business which is why the RepWarn app was released. Released by Know-How Marketing, as a reseller, in February 2017, RepWarn allows businesses to respond to bad reviews and to monitor brand, product and even employee reputations. The program does this by searching websites and social media for comments using advanced algorithms. Thus, perfecting a business’ reputation.

Furthermore, when using RepWarn 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, a company keeps continuously up-to-date with online interaction. Therefore, RepWarn is an excellent means of business to consumer communication, and business-to-business competition. As such, every email sent by the program is a direct link to the conversation online about a business.

Key program features include instant notification via app or email, constant monitoring and easy-to-follow instructions with a click and set keyword search capability. All, of which, enable the users of the program to follow a set and forget method.

Released by Know-How Marketing, a business marketing company that aids enterprises to increase their online presence, RepWarn is a web based interactive tool helping businesses to continue their positive growth. In today’s competitive marketplace, RepWarn can give a business an advantage, especially when it comes to managing customer interaction and overall service.

Walter Bayliss, head of Universal Media Online, the creator of RepWarn, said, “RepWarn searches many sites such as Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, Yelp, YouTube, Blogs, Forums and Google+. Any places where conversations and interactions happen and where people reach out using technology.”

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