Business-Of-One New Job Seekers Interviewing Preparation Guide Launched

Resourcing and recruitment solutions company TDT & Associates launched a new interview preparation coaching guide for candidates worldwide. The Essential Interview Preparation Guide is dedicated to candidates who want to learn how to avoid interview nerves and have confidence when approaching any job interview.

TDT & Associates, a company providing tailored resourcing and recruitment solutions, announced the launch of The Essential Interview Preparation Guide, a guide that supports job seekers in making the transition in viewing themselves as a “business-of-one” by helping them define their value proposition, what they have to offer and how they position themselves, so that they get the work that they are good at, and that they actually want to do.

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There is no doubt that the job market is changing, and the modern job seeker is going to have to transform the way they view themselves and how they participate in the marketplace if they want to experience career success. The newly launched Eguide helps individuals play in today’s competitive job market where interview candidates and job seekers need an advantage.

Every job is temporary now, meaning that as an active participant in the job market, one is going to have to look for work over and over again. This also means going for interviews over and over again.

While companies are going to have to shift their perspective on how they attract and engage talent, so the job seeker too will have to change their approach to how they present themselves in the marketplace.

Great interviews are a combination of confidence, strategy, preparation and practice. The Essential Interview Preparation Guide covers all facets of the interviewing process so that any person can prepare for any job interview.

The Essential Interview Preparation Guide can be used for any job, any job level and any phase of the interview process. This framework serves a strong foundation for any interview and is practical to accommodate any job type so that it is relevant to each individual person’s behavioral and technical attributes and competencies.

The Eguide is straight forward and easy to use. It offers practical strategies on not only how jobseekers should present themselves and answer interview questions, but how to discern if a role is going to be a good fit for them, help them identify any red flags as well as how to negotiate the best offer for themselves

The guide is dedicated to individuals at all levels, from graduates to executives as it covers the fundamentals of any interview process. There may be some differences in process from company to company, but the processes and questions are relevant and learning how to prepare for any interview is universal.

The Essential Interview Preparation Guide prepares candidates for what to expect in an interview, how to prepare for the interview, how to present their core skills and the value they bring to an organisation, demonstrate and articulate their skills and abilities, and deal with sensitive questions.

Through doing the practical exercises in the guide, candidates will naturally feel more confident because they will have gained a good understanding of themselves and how to articulate what they know and have to offer, fully aware of their strengths and capabilities.

Of course, there are no guarantees as to getting a job but the team at TDT & Associates guarantee that if individuals start positioning themselves as a business (of-one), they are going to have a more positive work experience.

The downloadable Essential Interview Guide is available to any person engaging in the job market, with immediate access on any device.

TDT & Associates has over 18 years of experience helping clients gain great advantage by preparing for job interviews.

Tanya McKey, the founder of TDT & Associates commented “There is no better feeling than feeling prepared and confident. You don’t know who you are up against in the interview process and you can only do the best that you can. Our EGuide can assist you in identifying obstacles or blind spots that you are not even aware of. This high-value EGuide is jam-packed with the best interview tips and recommendation that have been gathered and proven over 18 years’ of interviewing experience across a multitude of roles and industries.”

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