Business Mentorship – Empathy/Constructive Criticism Entrepreneur Guide Released

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Vivo Mentor, a website dedicated to sharing knowledge to help entrepreneurs successfully grow their businesses, has released a new guide detailing how to become an effective business mentor.

The new guide written by the founder of the company, Brian Morten, sheds light on the challenges one must overcome in order to fully commit to becoming a business mentor. Being able to dedicate oneself fully to mentoring their mentee and showing loyalty and support even when opposing opinions arise is essential for a successful mentorship.

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The recently released guide breaks down five key steps for becoming a business mentor, which include developing listening skills, setting goals, providing constructive feedback, being empathetic, and celebrating the mentee’s success.

Brian Morten explains the importance of taking the time to listen to what their mentees are saying. Oftentimes, mentors focus more on telling their mentees what they need to do than actually listening to them.

The guide explains that mentors need to provide guidance in critical moments regarding the business, but their own ideas should never be imposed. It is essential that the mentor understands what the mentee hopes to achieve under the mentorship to create a plan that will help them reach success.

Honest constructive criticism is necessary if the mentor believes that the mentee will make a mistake that can end in a loss for the business. Guidance should be provided to offer an alternative plan that will be beneficial. Additionally, it is critical to take the mentee’s feelings into account.

The mentor should acknowledge what their mentee is doing well and try to be patient and understanding with them when they show signs of struggle. They should also try to enhance their mentee’s confidence in order to help them thrive.

Vivo Mentor was established to share strategic planning, marketing, and sales and marketing strategies with entrepreneurs to help them successfully grow their businesses. The website has an extensive number of guides including “5 Reasons Why Your Employees Need Leadership Training” and “How to Brand Your Business or Yourself – Branding Strategy Basics.”

The author of the guide stated: “When you make out time to commend your mentee, even for their smallest success, you find out that it makes them happy, boosts their confidence, promotes good behavior, keeps them focused, and prompting their drive in the business.”

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