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A new business growth, finance and event management platform has been launched, called Path. It’s designed to streamline collaboration and data management.

A new platform has been launched to help clients connect, collaborate, and grow their business with easier information management. Path by Simplex Financials is a social financial platform that enables businesses to manage their information and challenges through one robust solution.

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The newly launched software was built from the ground up to provide clients with easy QuickBooks integration for finance management. The new tool can give businesses an easy-to-understand picture of their data story by transforming their financial data into actionable business intelligence and KPIs.

One of the most useful benefits of the new system is that it allows all members of a team to collaborate in one environment. Path allows for easy file sharing and management, project organization and to-dos, information bookmarking and more.

Path enables businesses in any field to more easily manage and organize their history. A particularly useful feature is Milestones, which acts as a virtual file cabinet for critical events in the business.

Users are able to document anything that seems important to the company, from hiring a new staff member to hitting a new sales record. Once a milestone has been created in this way, users can attach any documents they like to allow anyone to keep updated.

Bookmarks are another way to organize information in Path. Users can bookmark anything that shows up on the Bridge, and anything that has been Bookmarked is featured in the tab for easy referencing.

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Businesses are able to use Path to grow their company and achieve their goals, with seamless file and event management in one place. It also features AI-driven suggestions to help users get the most out of the application.

A spokesperson states: “Increase productivity and efficiency, maximize revenues – which can be invested into growing the business. Path has powerful analysis that helps you find hidden cash in your current operation.”

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