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Tiva IT Solutions announced the availability of their new Business IT Services beginning now. More information can be found at

Customers looking for the latest Business IT Services in Surrey will now be able to get involved with Tiva IT Solutions. Today Emma Mcclellan, Accounts at Tiva IT Solutions releases details of the new Business IT Service’s development.

The Business IT Service Service is designed to appeal specifically to businesses in and around Surrey and includes:

Proactive Business IT Support – This feature was included to help businesses with an internal IT department to free up resource, cover during holiday and extended leave and extend skills. This is great news for the consumer as all of the support packages are flexible and include pro-active service visits to ensure all business IT systems are ready and running smoothly. This was made part of the service in addition to the dedicated Helpdesk to ensure customers receive not just assistance from a sales background but from a technical background too. Customers who invest in the service should enjoy this feature because they will be incentivised to keep a good working relationship so they can trust Tiva have the business interests at heart.

Remote Monitoring – Tiva IT Solutions made sure to make this part of the Business IT Service Service’s development so the Tiva and the customer can both be alerted when a condition arises on the system. Customers of Tiva IT Solutions will likely appreciate this because this enables any problems to be fixed straight away and everything will be collated into a clear and easy to read report.

More information about the IT Support services in Surrey can be found on:

Emma Mcclellan, when asked about the Business IT Service Service said:

“Our ethics and ethos in supporting our customers has been born from years of experience. We value all of our customers whether they are small family run businesses or international concerns with a UK presence. We don’t make promises we can’t keep. We always give honest, sensible advice with the customers best interest in mind. We offer flexible payment terms and can supplement, replace or be your IT department.”

This is the latest offering from Tiva IT Solutions and Emma Mcclellan is particularly excited about this launch because it enables customers great flexibility to choose as much or as little IT support.

Those interested in learning more about Tiva IT Solutions and their Business IT Service Service scan do so on the website at

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