Business Directory Owner Urges Consumers to Use Reusable Bags When Buying Local

The owner of a local business directory urges the "buy local" crowd to take reusable shopping bags when making purchases.

The “buy local” trend is sweeping the nation as more and more consumers are looking to reduce their carbon footprints and do their part in keeping the environment safe for generations to come. But the owner of, an online local business directory that uses GEO technology to match consumers with local businesses, says there’s a missing ingredient to the plan.

“It’s great that people are starting to shop local and support those businesses, but all too often I see those same people walk out of the store with plastic shopping bags,” he said. “And that pretty much defeats the purpose.”

He’s right. Studies have shown that plastic shopping bags are a huge detriment to the environment, which is why so many local cities and towns have begun banning them. In fact, things have gotten so bad with plastic bag pollution that a nonprofit organization just launched a test program to help clean up the Texas sized garbage dump that’s currently floating in the oceans.

“If those same consumers that take such great pains to shop local would only think to carry reusable shopping bags with them, their efforts would much more helpful,” he said. “Just think—if all the buy local crowd used the reusable grocery bags, the plastic bag pollution would be drastically reduced.”

And the experts agree. A recent study shows that the average American family uses about 1,500 plastic bags a year. If only the shop local community committed to carrying reusable shopping bags, it would affect that number dramatically.

“The bottom line is this,” he said. “If people truly want to do all they can to heal our environment and help local businesses, they can do it in one simple act: shop local, and when they do, be sure to take along their reusable shopping bags.”

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