Business Communication Acting Methods – Performance Online Short Course Launched

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A new communication course has been launched by ADVO Group (+1-310-975-7032). Foundations of Kinection offers engaging micro-coaching for busy professionals who have little time for training.

ADVO Group, employer education and communication consultants, have launched ‘Foundations of Kinection.’ The new micro-coaching course is designed to transform workplace communications through short, engaging learning modules, enabling busy professionals to receive training as and when their schedule allows.

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The new course is delivered fully online and can be accessed anywhere there is a web connection. Foundations of Kinection is entirely self-paced and broken down into manageable segments for enhanced flexibility. Enrollees also receive a certificate upon completing the course.

Internal communication within organizations is key to their chances of long-term success. According to Smarp, 74% of employees report feeling they are missing out company news with 72% admitting they do not fully understand their company’s strategy. With the global health crisis changing working methods, perhaps for good, communication and a unity of vision is more important than ever.

The new ADVO course is optimized for both mobile and desktop, enabling subscribers to access the content on the move as well as in the office. The micro-course format is specially designed to reflect the needs of modern professionals who want training, but are unable to commit hours at a time.

ADVO’s unique training is based on performance principles. The tools and frameworks used within Foundations of Kinection have roots in the acting world and provide a bedrock of communication strategies based around the principles of Purpose, Presentation and Presence.

Foundations of Kinection is delivered over 3 modules covering everything from verbal, non-verbal and mindset awareness to impact phrasing and modeling active objectives. Enrollees benefit from an optional one on one with an ADVO instructor without charge during office hours. The course can also be scaled to accommodate any size of workplace team.

ADVO Group was founded by Greg Derelian and Peter Katona. The pair are both professional actors who have turned their creative performance skills into an innovative, entertaining communication consulting business. ADVO is committed to transforming workplace relationships and increasing productivity for their clients. For more details, go to

A satisfied client says, “Working with Greg and Peter was informational, transformative and fun.”

With the launch of the new Foundations of Kinection course, ADVO Group affirm their commitment to innovation in business communication and workplace relationships.

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