Business Challenges Post-Pandemic Chief Financial Officers Interview Launched

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CFOs and business leaders can benefit from a newly launched interview with the CFO of PwC, which aims to look at how businesses can survive the health crisis and what the future may look like.

A platform designed to bring together CFOs and organizations from around the world to share business insights and current market trends has launched a new interview with the CFO of PwC. CFO Studio explains the aim of the interview is to look at the ongoing impact of the health crisis on businesses and what the future might look like.

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The newly launched interview with Martyn Curragh, PwC’s CFO, looks at how the current health crisis is affecting businesses around the world and what the long-term consequences may be. During the conversation it is acknowledged that many people are living through an extraordinary time and while there are business continuity plans in place, many people have been unprepared for the crisis.

Mr. Curragh explains how PwC has been increasing its agility in the years prior to the crisis. At PwC, the team have been leveraging virtual communications to ensure its customers and team members are informed and supported while also maintaining expected levels of productivity.

The fundamentals of the brand continue to drive it, even during the crisis. The team say the safety of its employees and clients must come first, but they also acknowledge the way the business operates is adapting and will look different going forward.

For instance, many of the company’s offices were closed in April, since then the team have been encouraging its partners, clients, and workforce to utilize remote technologies to ensure everyone remains connected. PwC has also been holding regular town hall meetings to keep employees informed of any changes or updates.

A company spokesperson said: “PwC is well equipped to weather this storm because several years ago, we developed a mantra of customer obsession. Our view at that point was our customers wanted quite common things, one was they wanted more value and higher quality, they wanted more technical delivery, and they wanted lower costs.”

“That started us on a journey of trying to improve our digital agility,” they added.

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