Business Branded Clothing – Custom Design Print/Fulfillment Service Launched

Corporate Images Inc. has launched an update to its screen printing services to create, print, and dispatch custom branded apparel for businesses looking to increase their brand awareness.

Corporate Images Inc. has announced its updated screen printing services for businesses looking for high-quality apparel for improved brand awareness and marketing.

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The updated services offer a range of professional production solutions using modern software and equipment for creating various print styles including vintage, distressed, heat transfer, and glow in the dark options.

Improving brand awareness through custom clothing can be one of the most effective means for companies to enhance their sales and marketing campaigns. However, the process of developing branded clothing items can be time-consuming, especially if a company doesn’t have the necessary equipment for printing and order fulfillment.

Corporate Images Inc.’s updated solutions provide the resources business owners need for designing, printing, and drop shipping custom branded apparel.

To assist businesses with the initial stages of creating their products, the company’s graphic design department can review and develop artwork in order to ensure clients have the best designs prior to printing. Furthermore, the team stays up-to-date on industry trends and themes to help create designs that will connect with current audiences.

When printing orders, Corporate Images Inc. uses automated multi-head printing and flashing to produce high-quality and consistent products. The equipment can print on modern fabrics, including options for organic and recycled items for environmentally conscious clients.

Businesses can also take advantage of the company’s drop shipping services for dispatching their branded apparel directly to customers. Through an online fulfillment service, clients can have all their exchanges, order changes, returns, and shipping services handled for them without needing to store any inventory.

Founded in 1979, the company has over forty years of experience in the printing industry, giving them the insight and knowledge to help bring a client’s vision to life with affordable premium products.

A spokesperson for Corporate Images Inc. said, “Our Vision is to design, create, manufacture, manage and sell any merchandise that reflects the lifestyle and culture of your company.”

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