Burning Man Headpieces Headgear & Bunny Ears 3D Printed For Sale Announced

kova by sascha announced it’s unique line of lightweight, edgy, and creative 3D printed headpieces made their debut at the Burning Man 2016 festival this year.

Kova by sascha, the edgy new designer 3D printed headpiece label popular among the upscale festival crowd, just made its debut at this year’s Burning Man festival.

To see the designs go to: http://bit.ly/BurningManHeadpieces.

Kova by sascha’s wearable art is inspired by the personalities of Sascha’s creative and modern New York friends, who are on a quest for experiences, spirituality, consciousness, and radical self-expression. These utterly unique headpieces – which consciously stay far away from culturally appropriate motifs that so often dog festival gear – are crafted for the millennial soul searchers, dreamers and festival goers.

Sascha sold her groundbreaking designs to a select group of friends in the summer, leading up to their debut at the mecca of cutting-edge festival fashion, Burning Man, which takes place in Black Rock City near Reno, NV. Featuring a broad variety of designs adorned by Swarovski crystals, chains and pearls; finished in various metallic coatings and tailored for a lightweight and comfortable fit, they ranged from the elaborate and sharp Mohawk design, to an ornate hand-painted crown in gold, futuristic/mysterious Condor Headpiece, playful flower bounties, and simpler cat and bunny ears.

“Experiencing a large festival like Burning Man completely changed the outlook I had on life,” Sascha says. “And being able to work with and make something special for Burners was a dream come true.” Sascha Hosey was born in Siberia, Russia developed her passion for creating fashion items watching her grandmother making fur hats by hand and sell them in the local markets in freezing weather. Sascha’s mother was a single mother who worked as an ENT doctor by day and sewed hats at night and weekends to supplement her income. Sascha is committed to spreading love and sharing passion for sustainable living, spirituality, and mindfulness through her fashion.

The full catalogue of kova 3D printed headpieces with image galleries, lookbooks and detailed descriptions along with the back story, inspiration and principles behind the kova by sascha line can be found on the website http://bit.ly/BurningManHeadpieces.

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