Burn Fat Women’s Over 35 Holistic Meal Nutrition Plan & Support Group Launched

Lifestyle empowerment company Go WOW Team just launched a free 3-day starter kit for its 30-day fat burning program. The program features a transitional meal plan and professional support. The program’s free starter kit introduces participants to a prescribed regimen for holistic fitness.

Go WOW Living just announced the launch of their new free 3-day fat burning starter kit that is designed to be a transformational program for women above the age of 35. The kit features a fitness regimen, a meal plan and is designed to be a precursor to the 30-Day Fat Burning Challenge for beginners and fitness professionals.

More information can be found at http://gowowliving.com.

The 30-day fat burning program is designed to ease the transition from a sedentary lifestyle to preparation for the Go WOW Living fat-fighting program. The goal of the program is to optimize dietary intake, general fitness, and hydration patterns, but with a focus on holistic wellness and a sustainable affirmative lifestyle.

The free 3-day kit features a preparatory diet, an accompanying shopping list, and a detailed meal plan for the day as well as low-fat recipes for three days. One of the core tenets of the plan focuses on the reduction of processed foods and sugars and focus on natural and nutrition-rich alternatives.

The free kit works well to kick-start the 30-day plan that features a complete meal plan, shopping list, recommended physical activities, daily inspiration, and progress reminders, as well as access to a secret and private support group. The Go WOW Living program also offers professional coaching and community support.

Stephanie Atwood, author, trainer, coach, wellness expert, and founder of Go WOW Living says, “WOW is here for you and each woman who asks the questions: Who, what, where, when, and how can fitness be a part of my life? WOW offers solutions to those questions.”

A free download of the starter kit is available at http://gowowliving.com.

Stephanie Atwood is a Certified Nutritionist, a USA Track and Field Level 2 as well as a Road Runners Club of America-certified track and long distance run coach.

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