Building Globally Diverse Portfolios Cope Private Wealth Huntsville Alabama

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D Paterson Cope and Bobby Cope have been creating investment plans for their clients for years and know that diversifying assets on a global scale is vital in building an investment plan.

There is a reason the rich keep getting richer and increasing their wealth exponentially each year. It is because they have diversified assets. All their income is not just being stored in one place like the bank, but distributed among lots of investments and equities, which allows them financial security through passive income. Passive income is the money generated from these investments. Basically, money that is generated without having to work for it. This guarantees financial security as if one source of income is lost in any case, there are several more that one can rely on. Diversifying one’s assets to their full potential takes knowledge and skill and is almost always never done alone. Having a financial advisor in this case is the safest and most practical way of going about building a diverse portfolio.

D. Paterson Cope is the founder of Cope Private Wealth, a wealth management firm located in Alabama that specializes in diversifying assets not just domestically, but on a more global scale. D. Paterson Cope has been a financial advisor for decades and has worked with some very big names including the Lehman Brothers in New York. He resides in Mountain Brooks, Alabama with his wife, Jennifer Miree Cope and his son, Bobby Cope, who is also a financial advisor at the firm. D. Cope has had success over his career as a financial advisor even earning his title of Certified Financial Planner. They can be contacted for an investment consultation at or through phone at 205-536-7771.

Building an investment portfolio involves many factors. The first thing a financial advisor would do is to determine assets and allocate them accordingly. They would assess their client’s financial goals and take everything into consideration before even beginning the financial plan. Depending on the risk they are willing to take, the assets can be leaned on more towards stocks or towards bonds. Investing in the stock market can pose a higher risk because the market is very volatile, but can yield much higher returns if played right, whereas bonds are much safer as the yield is guaranteed. This is the option most people who are nearing retirement choose as their assets are protected when they retire and can be distributed for their needs and their loved ones.

In the world we live in today, access has never been more convenient. Millions of transactions are done online around the world every day, and it is even more rampant with the global pandemic shifting the economy. According to the NBER, the average U.S. investor holds around 90% of their wealth in domestic stocks which in turn leaves very little room for global diversification. A global portfolio can be a lot more stable and yield better results. Having assets allocated outside the national economy is one of the easiest ways to keep wealth secure and sustainable in the event something might go wrong. How a financial advisor usually goes about this is through international exchange trade funds or ETFs. Identifying which ETFs are best in the market is imperative in how the investment would go over the years to follow. And with international exchange-trade-funds or ETFs being more accessible than they were a decade ago, tapping into the global market is now getting increasingly rampant and booming. A good financial advisor will strategically distribute their clients’ assets in the domestic and the international markets to have the best yield.

When building an investment plan with Cope Private Wealth , the financial advisors will assess their clients’ finances according to their current situation and goals. D. Paterson Cope and Bobby Cope have been in the industry for years and have helped multiple clients reach their financial goals through their extensive knowledge in the market. They know that proper diversification of assets is the key in building an investment portfolio that will guarantee financial security and ensure the current and future needs of their clients.

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