Building Blocks Affordable Way To Help Kids Develop Spatial Reasoning Skills

Click-A-Brick co-founders Georg de Gorostiza and Jason Smith say they are pleased that building blocks have been pinpointed in a recent scientific study as helping children develop their spatial reasoning skills.

New research that points to building blocks as helping children with their spatial reasoning has Click-A-Brick ( co-founders Georg de Gorostiza and Jason Smith nodding in agreement and saying the highly affordable toy can play a key role in children’s development.

Researchers from Rhodes College have determined that children who frequently play with building blocks, puzzles and board games tend to have better spatial reasoning ability than children who play with these items infrequently.

Their findings were recently published in the Association for Psychological Science’s journal Psychological Science.

“Our findings show that spatial play specifically is related to children’s spatial reasoning skills,” lead researcher Dr. Jamie Jirout was quoted as saying in a PsychCentral article.

“This is important because providing children with access to spatial play experiences could be a very easy way to boost spatial development, especially for children who typically have lower performance, such as girls and children from lower-income households.”

Spatial reasoning allows people to picture objects in space. These skills are important not only for everyday activities like navigating a busy street or assembling a piece of furniture, but they also help lead to success in the science, technology, math and engineering fields where these skills are especially important.

Click-A-Brick co-founder and brand manager Georg de Gorostiza says since the building block toy is affordable, it’s a good way for parents to give their children a way to develop their spatial reasoning skills without spending a lot of money. This could help lead to success later in life.

“There’s no need for parents to spend an exorbitant amount of money on specialized games or tools to help their children develop these important spatial reasoning skills,” de Gorostiza said. “Simple building blocks like Click-A-Brick, coupled with some dedicated play time with mom and dad, are an effective and affordable way to help kids develop skills that could help them a lot later in life. We’re not claiming that Click-A-Brick will turn your child into an engineering marvel, but we do believe that it can play a role in an important part of your child’s development. If your child does play with Click-A-Brick and does become an engineering marvel later in life, though, we’ll be happy to take full credit. Just let us know!”

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