Buggyra became a tripple champion, Aliyyah Koloc the youngest overall winner!

Aliyyah Koloc became the youngest ever champion in truck racing at just 17 years old! And in two categories, she dominated the juniors and was the top female! The overall win went to her teammate Téo Calvet.

Over the weekend at the famous Le Mans, Aliyyah Koloc set another record. She became the youngest champion in truck racing. From setting the world speed record with truck at 15, to becoming the youngest ever truck race winner at 16, to the youngest ever championship winner at just 17 years old! And in two categories, she dominated the juniors and was the top female! The overall win in the French Truck Racing Championship went to her Buggyra Racing teammate Téo Calvet.

Aliyyah took her overall win in the first race of the weekend and then just kept checking her position. She takes 5th place in the overall standings, just 1.5 points behind 4th position.

The youngest competitor at the start rolled her opponents in the first 3 races. She has always been the best female and the winner among the juniors. In the 4th race of the weekend, after a series of fighting overtaking maneuvers, she was penalized by going through the pit lane and finished 5th among the juniors.

Aliyyah Koloc dominated the women’s and junior categories in her debut season, “So I actually won one more trophy than Téo,” she glossed with a laugh. “I’m obviously happy and I hope to move up next year.” that she finishing season 2021 on fifth place overall.

The order for Téo Calvet was clear – to win the French championship. “I tried not to admit it, but I couldn’t quite get it out of my head,” Téo admitted as part of the celebrations that could have erupted in full force on Sunday. On the opening day of the race weekend, he did pass his only rival for the title, Janiec, on the last corner, but dropped to sixth place after a penalty. “After a short period of joy came a return to reality, but I stayed calm and finished second in the next race.” Before the final day of the championship, Téo needed just two points to win the title. “I finished second and the celebrations could begin. But my dad was right that champions should finish in style, so I won the last race and can focus on Jarama.”

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