Buffalo NY Bathtub Tile Countertop Refinishing & Resurfacing Services Announced

Surface Magic, a prominent Buffalo, NY based bathtub, countertop or tile refinisher, available at 716 381-5607, announced an expansion of its services tailored to provide homeowners with a more eco-friendly, affordable and rapid alternative to major repair or replacement of their fixtures.

The prominent Surface Magic announced an expansion of its premier, eco-friendly and time/cost effective bathtub, countertop and tile refinishing services, delivered in Buffalo and Niagara Falls or surrounding areas of New York.

More information is available at http://wnysurfacemagic.com.

Surface Magic is a popular Buffalo, NY based home improvements business specializing in professional and reliable refinishing solutions to restore different types of fixtures to ‘like-new’ condition through fast, affordable and tested resurfacing and reglazing treatments, in multiple areas of West New York.

The business has announced an expansion of its renowned refinishing solutions tailored to provide homeowners looking to restore damaged fixtures or improve the look, change the colors, style or structure and extend the life of their bathtubs, countertops and kitchen cabinets or tiles with a more simple, rapid and affordable alternative to major repairs or replacement.

The Surface Magic budget friendly bathtub, countertop or tile maintenance treatments are delivered by a certified and experienced team of professionals employing the latest in state of the art equipment and a two part urethane solution to deliver a non-invasive with less impact on the environment by reducing the amount of fixtures going to landfills and energy used during invasive home repairs.

More information on the premier refinishing solutions and proven, non-invasive eco-friendly restoration/maintenance treatments provided by Surface Magic along with ‘before/after’ examples of its refinishing work and its cost and time advantages over replacement and major repairs can be requested at 716 381-5607 and consulted on the website link provided above or at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FESCnyEME7I.

Surface Magic explains that “refinishing has made tearing out plumbing, ripping up floors and damaging walls obsolete. There is need to replace that ugly tub, countertop or tiles. Resurfacing or reglazing is the smart solution over replacement. You’ll have your bathtub or feature refinished in about 4 hours and at an average of 80% less than the total bathtub replacement costs. Plus, you can also help save the environment as well”.

The business adds that “our skilled and trustworthy professionals can restore your damaged bathroom or kitchen fixtures with incredible results in a matter of hours here in Buffalo, New York and surrounding areas. Most people can’t tell the difference between a refinished surface and a new one, aside from how much easier the refinishing was on their pocketbook”.

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