Buddha Bro, Inc. Announces The Launch of Their New Online Membership Site

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Founded in 2014, Buddha Bro, Inc. is a digital media marketing company that specializes in online media and works with businesses to develop content and social media marketing strategies

Buddha Bro, Inc. has recently announced the launch of their new membership website that teaches entrepreneurs to create a successful WordPress website.

The Blogging Buddha, a current property of Buddha Bro, Inc., offers free tips on how to start and improve WordPress websites and blogs. The Blogging Buddha is now the home of The Blog Creators & Marketing Academy, Buddha Bro, Inc.’s new membership website.

The Blog Creators & Marketing Academy expands upon the content found in the free blogs on The Blogging Buddha. It offers advice, support, and training for those looking to create and grow their own profitable business website or blog. The Blog Creators & Marketing Academy gives enterprising clients an insight into the experiences of previously successful business website owners.

A membership to The Blog Creators & Marketing Academy gives buyers access to in-depth courses that cover the technicalities of working with WordPress, ways to choose a successful business plan, and tips on determining a blog strategy. Other information, like managing business email sequences and implementing calls to action, is readily available on this site.

The Blog Creators & Marketing Academy also offers action plans and worksheets for customers to complete that will allow them to apply the practical skills they have learned. An interactive community that facilitates questions, feedback, and advice is also available to those looking to increase their online footprint.

The membership site operates on different recurrent payment plans that customers can choose from. Confident with their site’s usefulness, The Blogging Buddha offers a 30-day money back guarantee for customers investing in their membership.

Customers have acknowledged the superiority of the tips and resources that The Blog Creators & Marketing Academy provides. The Blog Creators & Marketing Academy has benefited novice and intermediate website builders alike. This site has effectively achieved monetization for the content that bloggers and website owners create.

The Blog Creators & Marketing Academy is just one aspect of the larger Buddha Bro, Inc. Budda Bro, Inc. has been recognized as a strong online media competitor. They specialize in search engine optimization, various types of marketing, digital publishing, website design and optimization, including WordPress development.

Buddha Bro, Inc.’s Blog Creators & Marketing Academy has given aspiring content creators a reliable source of professional knowledge that allows them to enhance the quality of and draw attention to their growing online realms.

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