Buckminster Fuller Protege Marshall Thurber Creates The Checkerboard Game and Invites People to Play

Buckminster Fuller protégé Marshall Thurber, silver investment specialist David Morgan, and global economic expert Darryl Robert Schoon offer the opportunity for people to participate in a unique experiential learning exercise. This all day event uses participation in The Checkerboard Game as a learning tool.

The Checkerboard Game is a unique experiential learning exercise that offers participants an intimate view of the transformation that is happening in economies worldwide. The Checkerboard Game was created by Marshall Thurber and the head of Crédit Lyonnais Credit Management (CLCM, a proprietary bond fund). It was first played in the Positive Deviant Network (PDN) in 2009. It is now being offered for the first time to the public.

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Money, economics and power created the present crisis. Learn about Buckminster Fuller’s predictions for humanity and Spaceship Earth.Learn from three global experts presenting the accelerating changes that are now engulfing the world. The focus will be on how to navigate the changes now in motion, what those who predicted this crisis believe is going to happen and practical tools that will help attendees to prepare.

Learn how Positive Deviants see the unique changes in the global economy.

Seven Characteristics of Positive Deviants are: 

1. Passion 

2. High Moral or Social Purpose 

3. Seeing Holes vs. Seeing the Net 

4. Moving Towards, Not Away

5. Rapid Cognition 

6. Checking the Edges 

7. Low Regard for Social Convention


The Checkerboard Game

The Future of Money, Power, and Consciousness

January 24th, 2015

8:00AM – 6:00PM

David Morgan, Marshall Thurber, Darryl Robert Schoon

Location: Service Station (a conference facility in Spokane)

9315 North Nevada Street

Spokane, WA 99218

Click here to register: http://www.drschoon.com/events/

Active students can contact info@schoonworks.com about a limited number of scholarships that may be available.

Marshall Thurber

Marshall Thurber: attorney, real estate developer, businessman, educator, editor, scholar, inventor, negotiator, author, visionary and public speaker.

In the late 1970’s, Thurber co-founded the Burklyn Business School in Vermont. It was designed to teach both the global principles of cooperation he personally learned from Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller and the contextual principles of the human potential movement. These had been demonstrated and proven in his own business. By utilizing Superlearning Technologies, simulations, music and graphics, Thurber’s teaching is known for being powerfully effective, fun, memorable and leading edge.

Thousands of individuals worldwide have attended the many successful programs developed by Marshall Thurber including Business and You, The Positive Deviant Network, The Essence of Deming, The Accounting Game (granted a US patent), The Secrets of Powerful Presentations, Successful Secrets of the 21st Century and Make Change your Ally.

He is also a partner in the Positive Deviant Network, a network of highly successful individuals who are committed to positive social change and the abundant living context of Buckminster Fuller.

David Morgan

David Morgan is a widely recognized analyst in the precious metals industry and consults for hedge funds, high net worth investors, mining companies, depositories and bullion dealers. He is the publisher of The Morgan Report on Money, Metals and Mining.  He has authored “Get the Skinny on Silver Investing” and is a featured speaker at investment conferences in North America, Europe and Asia.

Mr. Morgan has appeared on CNBC, Fox Business, BNN, and TV stations in Hong Kong and Singapore and is prominently featured in the noted 2013 documentary film Four Horsemen.

Darryl Robert Schoon

Darryl Robert Schoon writes and lectures on the causes and significance of the economic collapse. His book, Time of the Vulture: How to Survive the Crisis and Prosper in the Process predicted the collapse and the following severe downturn. He has lectured in Europe, Australia and the US as an expert on gold and money and has written five books.

Darryl was an original member of the Positive Deviant Network (PDN) and predicted the 2008 economic collapse in March 2007 in his presentation to the PDN.

SOURCE:  http://increaselocalbusiness.net/press-releases/

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