Buckinghamshire Bespoke Candidate Assessment Hiring Process Service Launched

Sten10 have launched an innovative new people assessment service to simplify the process of successful recruitment. They offer bespoke psychometric models tailored to each client’s needs and all overseen by designated qualified psychological experts.

Buckinghamshire-based psychometric assessment specialists, Sten10, have launched a new bespoke candidate assessment service that provides expert insight throughout the hiring process. Clients work with their own designated psychologist to create and analyse their own assessment programme to greatly simplify people recruitment.

For more information please visit the website here: https://sten10.com

Sten10 are established and leading practitioners in the area of psychometric assessment. They can offer insights and advice on the latest developments in this area. This means they are not wedded to a single approach and can devise bespoke programmes for each client.

The service balances best practice with commercial pragmatism to enable clients to identify the right people to help their businesses succeed. Their clients speak directly to and work with a qualified expert, not a salesperson or account manager. They act as a guide and trusted advisor to analyse results in what has become a complex area.

Central to the success of their service is their unique approach to assessment. This involves a competency model, a culture or values framework, coupled with a strengths profile and role profile. Clients are invited to consider their own measurement parameters with Sten10 acting as partners in the process. Sten’s assessment centres use interviews, observations, and questionnaires to provide depth and insight into what personal qualities lead to success or failure in a job.

The assessment process is always tailored to individual need. If clients are seeking to sift out unsuitable applicants, Sten10 can make the process harder to fake results. If the primary requirement is to help people improve their performance in each role then a hub of development tips can be created. If recruiters need help distinguishing between performance and potential, they can integrate 360-degree feedback with personality profiling.

This unique Sten10 service can help in a recruitment, promotion or development setting. They work with clients to create the most appropriate team of assessment professionals for the task in hand. They can visit any UK location to help the recruitment process.

Those wishing to find out more can visit their website on the link provided above.

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